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Did Derek Medina get the death penalty for murdering his wife?

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Death penalty Derek Medina, MundoNOW, Pena muerte Derek Medina
Derek Medina's sentence / Photo Shutterstock/ Miami Dade Corrections
  • What was Derek Medina’s sentence and did he get the death penalty?
  • Medina murdered his wife, Jennifer Alfonso.
  • He posted a photo of her body on Facebook.

In 2013, Derek Medina brutally shot and killed his wife, Jennifer Alfonso.

Many people believe he deserves the death penalty for his terrible crime.

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In a unanimous decision, the Third District Court of Appeals in Miami upheld Derek Medina’s life sentence for his wife’s murder in 2013.

Medina had appealed the sentence, claiming that his wife’s history of physical abuse and the effect of substances that made her aggressive should have been considered during the trial.

Derek Medina was convicted of first-degree murder after fatally shooting Jennifer Alfonso during a heated argument in their home.

However, it has not been announced yet whether he will receive the death penalty for murdering his wife.

What was Derek Medina’s sentence?

Death penalty Derek Medina, Derek Medina, Jennifer Alfonso, Facebook Killer, MundoNOW
Photo Shutterstock

The shocking evidence presented by the prosecution included a disturbing photo that Medina posted on Facebook after the murder.

It was a photo of his wife’s lifeless body along with a dark message.

In his appeal, Medina argued that his wife was aggressive and that her history of abuse should have been considered during the trial.

He claimed that Jennifer Alfonso hit him, and the ingestion of various pills contributed to her violent behavior. However, the Court of Appeals rejected this argument.

Derek Medina’s chilling message

Death penalty Derek Medina, Derek Medina, Facebook Killer, Jennifer Alfonso, MundoNOW
Photo Miami Dade Corrections

The court’s decision was based on the gravity of the crime and the evidence presented at the trial.

The fact that he posted a photo of his wife’s corpse along with a chilling message left little doubt about Medina’s intent.

In his Facebook post, Medina expressed that he was resigned to getting the death penalty for killing his wife.

«I’m going to prison or be sentenced to death for killing my wife, I love you, friends, I’m going to miss you, take care, Facebook people, you’ll see me in the news,» he wrote.

Life behind bars

Facebook murderer, sentence, publishes deceased wife, USA, MundoNOW
Photo Shutterstock

In 2016, Derek Medina was sentenced to life in prison, in a case that caused international public outrage when he posted the gruesome photo on Facebook.

Reading the sentence, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Yvonne Colodny told Medina that when he posted the photo, he predicted his own future by writing that he would go to prison or get the death penalty.

«You predicted your future,» the judge told the 33-year-old, who, refused to apologize, despite the presence of Jennifer Alfonso’s parents in the courtroom.

He was dressed in an orange jumpsuit with his hands cuffed, according to El Economista.

Medina’s final Facebook post

life sentence, crime scene, photos, murderer, MundoNOW

Medina’s final Facebook post said, «RIP Jennifer Alfonso,» accompanied by a photo of his wife’s bloodied body on the floor.

«I’m going to jail or be sentenced to death for killing my wife. I love you. I will miss you. Take care. Facebook people, you’ll see me in the news,» he wrote.

«What?» one of Derek Medina’s friends commented on the post.

The photo stayed up for hours until it was deleted and police were notified.

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