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Derek Chauvin’s conviction for George Floyd’s murder upheld

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Se confirma la condena por asesinato de Derek Chauvin a George Floyd
  • Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction was upheld.
  • He lost his appeal after being convicted of killing George Floyd.
  • He will have to serve his full sentence.

Derek Chauvin’s conviction upheld. Next month marks the 3rd anniversary of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. On Monday, April 17, Derek Chauvin’s conviction was upheld and it was confirmed he will serve his full sentence.

The lawyer for the former Minneapolis police officer said that his client didn’t receive a fair trial because of all the publicity surrounding George Floyd’s killing.

Derek Chauvin’s conviction upheld

Derek Chauvin's murder conviction of George Floyd confirmed


The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Monday upheld the second-degree murder conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd and allowed his 22½-year sentence to remain in place.

Chauvin’s lawyer had asked the appeals court to throw out the ex-officer’s conviction for a long list of reasons, including massive pre-trial publicity. He also argued that legal and procedural errors deprived Chauvin of a fair trial.

George Floyd was killed in 2020

Chauvin's murder of George Floyd occurred in 2020, today the sentence is confirmed
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The three-judge panel sided with prosecutors who said Chauvin received a fair trial and a just sentence. Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020, after Chauvin, who is white, used his knee to pin the Black man’s neck to the ground for nine and a half minutes.

Floyd’s death sparked protests around the world, some of which turned violent and forced a national reckoning with police brutality and racism. A bystander’s video captured Floyd’s fading cries of «I can’t breathe.»

Appeals judge says Chauvin used unnecessary force

Appeals judge says Chauvin used unnecessary force
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“Police officers certainly have a challenging, difficult, and sometimes dangerous job. However, no one is above the law,» Appeals Judge Peter Reyes wrote for the panel.

“When they commit a crime, they must be held accountable just like the people they legally apprehend. The law only allows police officers to use reasonable force when making a lawful arrest. Chauvin crossed that line here when he used unreasonable force on Floyd.»

No one is above the law

Decision of the Court indicates that no one is above the Law
PHOTO: Twitter

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who assembled the prosecution team, said in a statement that he was «grateful to have a system in which everyone, no matter how heinous their crimes, is entitled to due process and fair treatment,» reported the AP.

«Today’s decision by the Court shows once again that no one is above the law, and no one is below it,» Ellison said. A voicemail and emails were sent to Chauvin’s attorney, William Mohrman. He argued on appeal that the trial judge should have moved the case out of Minneapolis because of the extensive pretrial publicity.

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