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Surprising formation of strange faces in clouds, said to be demons (VIDEOS)

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  • A video of supposed demons faces which appeared during a storm is shared.
  • The natural phenomenon happened in the sky of Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Mhoni Vidente also shared the images on Instagram.

Is this the end of the world? Mhoni Vidente posts a video of supposed demons faces which appeared in clouds over Istanbul during a strong storm that whipped the Turkish city and has caused fear among Internet users, due to how shockingly clear the pictures are, according to El Heraldo de México.





It was through her Instagram account that the Cuban shared the visual content, which has been so successful that this Monday’s morning, September 20, 2021, it already had received over 355 likes and more than 1,550 comments from followers.


Demons in clouds
Instagram photo

In a verbatim way, Mhoni Seer wrote the following post about Istanbul “The Demons are loose. Strange formation of clouds in today’s storm in Istanbul ”, which caused uncertainty and fear among Internet users who immediately gave their opinion on the rare natural phenomenon.

Also on the portal contextotucuman The news was released that has already gone around the world and they have even compared the image with the face of Lord Voldemort, a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series of novels.


Electric storm
Youtube Photo

The images of Istanbul caused terror in some people due to how strange the sky looked and that even the clouds seemed to form an evil face, so users did not take long to show their videos, since it could be observed from different points of view. the city.

The portal indicates that the event could be observed in one of the most popular areas, since there are large buildings and although the phenomenon only lasted a few minutes, it was enough for people to astonish, testify to what mother nature can form. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Demons in Clouds


Photo Twitter

In the video you can see that it is night and that the electrical storm practically paralyzed the city, however, next to the thunder and lightning, strange clouds formed, so people immediately related it to the face of the devil. .

Others were more fanatical and said they looked like some famous movie characters. The electrical storm was registered last Saturday night in several cities in Turkey, a country that currently has more than 15 million inhabitants. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Demons in Clouds

Demons in Clouds: IS IT A MOUNT?

Demons in clouds
Photo Twitter

In Hava Forum, an expert account in sharing information about meteorological phenomena, the following was tweeted: «Shot of the human-like cloud seen in Istanbul from a different angle … We share this angle for those who say it is a montage.»

However, hundreds of users shared the material through social networks to show that it was true and not the work of technology, so many made comments of all kinds on Mhoni Vidente’s account, in which they were more surprised and even scared.

Demons in Clouds: RAIN DAMAGE

Mhoni Seer
Photo Twitter

The Hürriyet Daily News reported that the electrical storm caused rains and strong winds in Istanbul and areas near the Marmara Region, as well as falling trees, falling roofs, and affecting traffic and public transport services.

In turn, authorities of the Turkish State Meteorological Service issued a ‘Yellow Warning’ for the inhabitants and also activated a protocol to review the areas in light of the damages that were reported, in addition to the cleaning campaign.


Photo Getty Images

The users did not save anything: “That is the city of the devil. ..investigate … that city hides the greatest secrets … read and investigate «,» Diosito protect us and protect us, always at the hand of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Diosito, so be it «,» 3 nights ago in Spain, Madrid, I saw a cloud with a devilish face, it only terrifies the imagination ”.

«May God take care of us and protect us daddy», «you see some faces, how impressive», «it may be the reflection of a photo of the cell phone that filmed the storm», «demons are never tied, we live with them», «protect us God the father God the son God holy spirit ”, commented other users. Filed Under: Demons in Clouds

Demons in clouds: «BIRTH OF THE ANTICHRIST»

Mhoni Seer
Photo Getty Images

Some people even dared to say that it could be the beginning of something more terrifying: «Birth of the antichrist most likely from there», «that and worse things will put but none of that is Jehovah is technology», «how impressive please… God protect us and repel that monster ”.

“2 days ago I saw a face in profile with a sharp chin and nose and black eyes (there were no clouds in what were the eyes). But around the Moon I was perplexed that I could not even take photos «,» tied, paralyzed and reprimanded in the name of Jesus! «, Asked more people.


Demons in clouds
Photo Getty Images

Someone else gave a longer explanation: “The demons wish they could do that. The demons alone are here on earth, there were only 1,500 left in the whole earth since 2017 and the amount of intelligent people is sad, letting them end as they have done … They have no personal parts, they can neither do nor number 1 nor number 2 … if it sounds dirty if perhaps by the mouth «.

And he added: “It’s a shame that they haven’t found any of them… If they have given or said so, what they have is only a black spot. And unrealistic sham things. Let them not help you anymore so that the planet can recover. I am here without being able to do anything thanks to certain evils that have been done to me, but well there will already be a way … but 1500 is nothing ”. Filed Under: Demons in Clouds

Demons in clouds: «DELIVER US FROM ALL EVIL»

Photo Getty Images

Other people begged for God’s help: «Deliver us from all evil», «What does it mean?» faces that of an adult and children ”,“ you have to pray a lot to God and Jesus, the Virgin Mary, that he changes all these bad things and with faith everyone will be overcome ”.

“I see the face of an enraged demon”, “God take care of us all”, “it is the baby that appears in the Christ film, it symbolizes the devil”, “God what a strange thing”, “it looks like a face with 2 faces… God and the virgin protect us… ”,“ I see like the face of a child and half a mask ”, said others.


Mhoni Seer
Photo File

It was then that fear gripped other followers of Mhoni Seer: “The kingdom of God is coming. Like a thief in the night. We do not know the day the date or the time. Only God knows. In the Bible it says. Signs in the heavens ”,“ God your first in all things, cover us with your divine command ”.

“God help us”, “we have to pray Psalm 91 God take care of us and protect us”, “I see the face of a cat”, “God rebukes the Devil”, “the blood of God has power! Blessed and Praised be The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit «,» in prayer, we will defeat them, together with the archangels and our beloved Virgin Mary. Amen ”, commented more users. Filed Under: Demons in Clouds

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