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Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and Declassification.

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  • Summary of topics from episode 21 of La Huella OVNI.
  • Is there a difference between the words «alien» and «extraterrestrial»?
  • Definition of declassification.

Jorge Luis Sucksdorf discusses in this episode what declassification is and whether we should refer to beings from other dimensions as «aliens» or «extraterrestrials.

People say that extraterrestrials are beings from outside Earth or that come from there, but an alien is something strange or not natural.

Thus, some believe that beings from other dimensions might be aliens because they are not natural to our world, but they wouldn’t be extraterrestrials since they don’t come from another planet.

Furthermore, he also spoke about how in Argentina, secret documents regarding UFO sightings have been made public.

UFO Phenomenon Investigations in Argentina

UFO flying in the sky

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Security answered questions about UFO investigations.

There’s also a story about an investigative commission in the 1980s, led by Captain Augusto Lima.

He was in charge of this commission, and they worked alongside the National Commission for Space Investigations.

This commission belonged to the Air Force and, therefore, to the Ministry of Defense of Argentina, and during that time, the captain investigated objects that fell from space.

Declassifying UFO Secrets

UFO file

The Ministry of Defense officially acknowledged the existence of the investigative commission led by the captain in the 1980s.

Today, UFO phenomenon researcher Andrea Pérez Simondini has made declassification requests for UFO investigations to government agencies in Argentina.

Declassification is when the police, military, or intelligence offices decide to reveal to the public certain reports or investigations about UFOs and extraterrestrial matters.

In other words, declassification is the process where certain public security governmental agencies decide to unlock and make public specific UFO reports or investigations.


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