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Debanhi Escobar’s father tattoos his daughter’s face on his arm

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  • Debanhi Escobar’s father gets a tattoo.
  • He shows the sketch that was made in honor of his daughter Debanhi.
  • Mario Escobar’s tattoo causes controversy on social media.

The case of the missing 18-year-old girl, whose body was found inside a water tank at the Nueva Casilla motel after she had been missing for several days, caused great outrage among Hispanics and it continues to resonate in various media and social platforms.

It has recently been revealed that Debanhi’s father made a drastic decision about how to pay tribute to his daughter. In the style of Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal, Mario Escobar chose to tattoo Debanhi’s face on his arm six months after her death.

6 months after her disappearance, Debanhi Escobar’s father does the unthinkable

Debanhi's Dad Tattoo
Photo: YouTube

Without a doubt, Debanhi Escobar’s father has done everything possible to find the truth about what happened to his daughter but now he has taken it to another level. His memories of his 18-year-old daughter were not enough and Don Mario decided to have her with him permanently.

As we well know, there is all kinds of content on social media. In fact, that is how Debanhi’s case got so much attention. It spread due to the hashtags that were used to remember the unfortunate Mexican girl’s tragic end.

Debanhi Escobar’s father gets a tattoo in honor of his daughter

Debanhi's Dad Tattoo
Photo: YouTube

Since the investigations into Debanhi’s case began, her father has shared all of the information that was being collected through a YouTube account that he created for that purpose. Now, Mario Escobar has shared that he’s gotten a tattoo in honor of his daughter.

«It’s not just a tattoo, it’s a reminder of justice,» can be read at the beginning of the video. In the recording, Debanhi’s father explained that he had already thought about it before, but now that they are a little calmer after the loss of his daughter, both he and his wife decided to get the portrait. Filed Under: Debanhi Tattoo Dad

Mario Escobar shows himself being tattooed

Debanhi's Dad Tattoo
Photo: YouTube

«It was long, it was painful but it is in honor of my daughter… The process lasted nine hours from one in the afternoon until 10 at night almost 11… Very happy with the tattoo,» Mario Escobar explained before showing the tattoo of Debanhi’s face being inked.

«There are worse pains than this (referring to the tattoo), to be endured for Debanhi, for my daughter, I will always carry her in my heart,» said the girl’s father while his tattoo was being done. «Very grateful, really very professional, I had never thought about getting a tattoo but now in honor of my daughter I am doing it.» Filed Under: Debanhi Tattoo Dad

See the finished tattoo of Debanhi’s face

This was the final result of the tattoo that the father of the young Mexican girl got
Photo: YouTube

«The truth is that it hurt a little, it didn’t hurt much, I thought it was going to hurt more, but I put up with it because I do it with great care, I really appreciate my daughter, it’s been six months since her disappearance and well soon it will be six months since we found her (deceased), in honor of her to have her tattooed on my arm because I have always had her in my heart,” said Debanhi Escobar’s father while showing his tattoo.

“My wife and I decided between the two of us, and the truth is that I am very grateful. It was a long day, almost nine hours, we arrived here at one in the afternoon and it is already 10 at night. I endured it because I know that my daughter would have wanted it that way,” concludes the video. Filed Under: Debanhi Tattoo Dad.

Debanhi Escobar’s death shocked all of Mexico

The case shocked all of Mexico
Photo: YouTube

Debanhi’s father’s video sparked great controversy on social media and several internet users commented on the video of the tattoo. Some thought is was good, other thought it was ‘too much’.

“She is and will always be present in the lives of all Mexicans.” “With or without a tattoo, people who die are always tattooed in the heart.” “Your tattoo, Mr. Mario, is super cool!” «He’s old, to get a tattoo is too much.” “It’s your daughter but you’re no longer of age to do these kind of things.” “Beautiful Mr. Mario, it touched my soul, Debanhi always in the heart of the world!”  TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Debanhi Tattoo Dad

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