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Father and son die after stage collapse in San Pedro

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San Pedro stage collapse- Colapso de escenario San Pedro, Bronco, Movimiento Ciudadano, Álvarez Maynéz, México
Deadly stage collapse in Mexico (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Deadly stage collapse in Mexico.
  • A father and son were killed.
  • It was a campaign rally in San Pedro.

In San Pedro Garza García, a campaign rally for mayoral candidate Lorenia Canavati ended in tragedy.

The event, which featured the Movimiento Ciudadano presidential candidate, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, was promising.

At the end of the political speeches, the musical group Bronco was set to close the evening, but the terrible tragedy cut the night short.

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What happened during the stage collapse in Mexico?

Tragedy, Accident, Death, Shock, San Pedro stage collapse
Photo: X / Joaquín López Dóriga

Everything seemed to be going fine yet, in the blink of an eye, a stage collapse prevented the concert from taking place. In addition a man, Alejandro Gámez Sandoval, and his son were killed.

Sandoval’s daughter Alejandra Gámez Escalera, 48, shared her family’s tragic story.

«We were informed of the death of my dad and my half-brother, who were there with his mother,» Alejandra said.

«We have not been given more information yet, and we are waiting to be able to expedite the procedures for the bodies and what follows,» she continued

Alejandro Gámez Sandoval and his son were there to see Bronco

Hospitalization, Death, Victims, Injured, Mexico
Photo: Shutterstock

The accident occurred on Wednesday, May 22, around 8:00 p.m (local time), according to La Jornada.

The child’s mother, María de la Luz Solís, was also injured and is currently in stable condition.

Alejandra added that her relatives were not supporters of Movimiento Ciudadano; they only wanted to see Bronco.

«They went to see their favorite artist and this tragedy happened. We were at my house when Civil Protection called us via WhatsApp,» she explained.

The impact of the stage collapse in Mexico

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Photo: Shutterstock

«My father’s and his wife’s phones were used to communicate directly that they were injured,» she continued.

«They took my father to the University Hospital. We were told he was very critical with a severe head injury, he could barely breathe,» added Alejandra.

«It was a freak accident, not planned. We could not foresee it, and I believe if someone had known, they wouldn’t have attended the event,» she said.

Alejandra explained that her half-brother was transported by ambulance and upon arrival at the University Hospital, her father had already passed away.

Reflections on a tragedy

Grief, Dismay, Loss, Bronco, MundoNOW
Stage collapse in Mexico / Photo: X / Info7

The last time Alejandra spoke with her father was just before the event. «My dad and the boy were excited about the event, I did not attend due to personal reasons.»

«It was a tragedy that no one could have foreseen, and now all we can do is accept God’s will,» she concluded.

According to Milenio, the 48-year-old had three children and a grandchild and was always willing to help others.

The stage collapse, caused by unusual wind, left a family and the community devastated, according to La Jornada.

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