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Tornadoes makes landfall in Iowa with fatalities in several cities

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Iowa Tornado Damage, USA, storm- Tornado en Iowa, daños, EEUU, tormenta, Iowa, MundoNOW
Deadly Iowa tornadoes (Phot: Shutterstock)
  • Deadly Iowa tornadoes leave a path of destruction.
  • Severe damage in Greenfield.
  • Debris was thrown 15 miles away.

Authorities reported that several people died on Tuesday when a tornado ravaged a small town in Iowa, destroying homes and damaging businesses.

The local hospital in Greenfield was one of the buildings damaged, according to Sergeant Alex Dinkla of the Iowa State Patrol, as reported by The Associated Press.

«Unfortunately, we do have confirmed fatalities,» said Dinkla at a press conference on Tuesday night. «We are still counting at this moment.»

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Deadly Iowa tornadoes rip through the state

Tornado in Iowa damage, tornado, Iowa, destruction, MundoNOW
Photo: The Associated Press

Dinkla said that he believed all residents had been accounted for, but that searches would continue if anyone was reported missing.

The Adair County Health System announced on Facebook that it had set up a triage center at Greenfield’s high school and that those needing medical attention should go there.

The tornado destroyed much of the town of 2,000 residents located about 55 miles (90 kilometers) southwest of Des Moines, during a day that saw multiple tornadoes, giant hail and heavy rains in several states.

Authorities announced a mandatory curfew for the town and said they would only allow Greenfield residents to enter until Wednesday morning.

Severe damage throughout the state

After deadly Iowa tornadoes, piles of broken wood from houses, branches, car parts and other debris covered the ground where homes once stood.

Some trees that were still standing had been stripped of branches and leaves. Residents helped one another recover furniture and other belongings scattered in all directions.

Rogue Paxton said he took refuge in his home’s basement when the storm passed. He told WOI-TV he thought the house was lost, but said his family was lucky.

«But everyone else is not so much, like my brother Cody, his house just got wiped,” Paxton said. “Then you see all these people out here helping each other.»

The tornado leaves a trail of destruction

The tornado left a significant trail of destruction, especially on the east side of the city, near the regional medical center.

Videos show residents searching through the rubble after what appears to have been a large tornado.

The strong radar signal suggests that the tornado might have been in the upper half of the enhanced Fujita scale, which measures tornado intensity.

The regional medical center suffered damage, complicating emergency response and care for the injured, according to Fox Weather.

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