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Dayanara Torres tells the nightmare that tormented her family

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Dayanara Torres family accident FOTO Mezcalent
  • Dayanara Torres had a family accident
  • Recognizing Medical Heroes
  • Promoting Organ Donation

Dayanara Torres is in an excellent stage of her life, surrounded by successes following her participation in various projects.

In addition to the warm reception she has received from the public in each of her appearances on television, such as ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

The former Miss Universe ensures that social networks are her means of connecting with her fans globally.

Therefore, through her profile, she communicates various events from her life, as on this occasion.

Dayanara Torres Family Suffers Accident

Model, Host, Family Tragedy, Explosion, Hospital
Dayanara Torres family tragedy PHOTO Mezcalent

Dayanara Torres is constantly in charge of sharing good news with her followers through her account.

On this occasion, she revealed the torment her family is going through after a terrible accident occurred.

She confessed that last August a tragedy affected more than one of her family members.

She elaborated that an explosion from a pressure cooker caused injuries to her nephew, her sister, and her mother, necessitating a hospital visit.

pressure cooker explosion

Pressure cooker, burns, accident, family nightmare, social networks
Dayanara Torres family tragedy PHOTO Mezcalent

«There are no words to explain how much I admire you,» she began her post on her Instagram account.

«Two Saturdays ago, our family experienced a nightmare that today brings us closer to our God!» the Puerto Rican revealed.

«An accident with a pressure cooker that exploded. My beloved Santi, how strong you are, Lela and my beautiful sister, suffered 1st and 2nd-degree burns,» she detailed.

«It’s a nightmare they’re still recovering from,» she said, showing images of her bandaged family members in the hospital.

Show gratitude to doctors

Dayanara Torres, Puerto Rico, model, family, accident
PHOTO Mezcalent

Dayanara Torres also utilized her social media platform to express gratitude to the medical personnel who treated her family.

«I NEED to thank my God for blessing us with the family we have,» she shared in her Instagram post.

«To each of the nurses, doctors, and surgeons at @hcafloridakendallhospital,» she added in her appreciation.

«To the rescue team, paramedics, who took special care of my nephew and my mother,» she concluded her message of gratitude.

her nephew’s birthday

Puerto Rican, former Miss Universe, Marc Anthony, presenter, tragedy
PHOTO Mezcalent

Through her post, the model revealed that her nephew was about to celebrate his birthday and shared his wishes.

«Santi, wishing to spend your birthday praying to San Lázaro has filled us with even more admiration,» she wrote.

«Happy birthday, my Sati. You are my hero, my champion, my teacher!» She expressed to her nephew who endured the harrowing ordeal.

«I love you forever,» the celebrity penned affectionately for her nephew, who marks another year in the aftermath of the unfortunate incident.

Invite to organ donation

Pressure cooker, family, tragedy, model, Miss Universe
PHOTO Mezcalent

Concluding her post, she made a heartfelt request to her followers, encouraging them to consider becoming donors.

«If you’ve never thought about being a donor, I hope you’ll consider it now. Donating saves lives,» she urged through her post.

However, she also expressed her gratitude to those who have chosen to be donors, acknowledging that their generosity aided her family’s recovery.

«The donated skin saved and healed my family. I bless the souls of each one of those who have donated upon their passing,» she concluded her message.  To see the publication of Dayanara Torres click HERE.

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