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David Ontiveros Jr. is charged with murdering his wife and stepson in their home

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  • A man identified as David Ontiveros Jr. was charged with capital murder.
  • David Ontiveros Jr. is presumed to have killed his wife and stepson in their home.
  • The accused made up a false version of events when he called 911.

Commotion in a Texas neighborhood. A man identified as David Ontiveros Jr. murdered his wife and his stepson and then called 911 to report a false version of the incident, according to authorities cited by various media outlets, including Fox 7, Newsweek and KXAN.

David Ontiveros Jr., 42, of East Austin, Texas, was charged with two counts of capital murder for the shooting deaths of his wife and teenage stepson in their home on Friday night, April 22, according to a Fox 7 report on Sunday, April 24.

The horror unleashed by David Ontiveros Jr.

David Ontiveros

The defendant was arrested on April 22 after the double murder on Garden View Drive. The incident occurred in a neighborhood on FM 969, between US 183 and Johnny Morris Road, Fox 7 detailed. According to court documents, David Ontiveros Jr. himself had called police saying he had shot his wife, 39-year-old Christina Limon and his stepson, 14-year-old Rudy Limon-Lirra.

Security camera footage showed the victims arriving at the house carrying shopping bags at around 3:30 p.m. The home’s security system then recorded audio of Christine Limon asking David Ontiveros why he was sitting in the dark and, just seconds later, there was the sound of gunshots followed by the screams of both the woman and her son, according the court documents cited by Fox 7.

A surveillance camera recorded the tragic moments

A surveillance camera recorded anguished moments
Screenshot from the video posted by Fox 7

Security camera video also showed David Ontiveros leaving the house a couple of minutes later and «calmly» making a phone call. He then “calmly” walked to his car parked in front of the house and drove away, the court document described.

David Ontiveros later returned and, according to the video, he could be heard making the 911 call just before 4:00 p.m. In that conversation, he stated that his stepson had approached him with a knife, but he had a gun in his hand that went off in an alleged struggle. He said both his wife and stepson were killed in the altercation. He later refused to re-enter the house and provided no further information other than that he had «blacked out.»

Bail set for David Ontiveros

set bail
Screenshot from the video posted by Fox 7

David Ontiveros Jr.’s twin brother also arrived at the home around the same time the 911 call was made. When officers arrived at the house a few minutes later, they found David Ontiveros in the driveway with his brother and they arrested both men. Upon entering the house, the officers found Limón and her son on the floor, both with multiple gunshot wounds, according to Fox 7.

The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene shortly before 4.30pm, while his mother was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center where she died half an hour later from her injuries. Officers found a firearm in the front bedroom and a spent shell casing outside the door, but did not find any knives or evidence of knives near the woman or her child. After being questioned, David Ontiveros Jr. was taken to the Travis County Jail, where he is being held on $1 million bail.

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