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David Benavidez says that he would knock out Canelo

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David Benavidez vs. Canelo? (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Canelo Álvarez vs. David Benavidez?
  • Possible confrontation in September.
  • It’s the fight everyone wants to see

Every time Canelo Álvarez steps into the ring for a fight, like the recent one against Jaime Munguía, it becomes a major event.

It’s not uncommon to see celebrities of all kinds in the front rows, from singers to other top-level boxers.

Among them, the boxer David Benavidez was spotted, who didn’t hesitate to claim that he would knock out Canelo in a potential matchup.

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Benavidez assures that Canelo does not want to fight him

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David Benavidez assures that he would knock out Canelo / PHOTO: The Associated Press

Hours before the showdown between Canelo Álvarez and Jaime Munguía, David Benavidez gave a revealing interview.

Speaking with journalist Andrés Cantera from Upper-Box, whose words were picked up by Récord on their website, the boxer didn’t mince words.

«I’ve always given credit to Canelo, I think he’s a very good fighter, also a legend, but I did my job,» he expressed.

Also known as ‘The Monster,’ he asserted that he has been a WBC (World Boxing Council) contender for three years and that the Guadalajara native doesn’t want to give him the fight.

«I knock him out»

David Benavidez Canelo, interview, WBC, Andrés Cantera, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Before concluding the interview, David Benavidez emphasized that everyone desires this fight and that it needs to happen.

Then, unexpectedly, he stated he would knock Canelo out, acknowledging it would be a tough battle.

Similar to Mhoni Vidente’s prediction, the Phoenix, Arizona native, foretold Canelo’s victory in his bout against Munguía.

«I believe he’ll face challenges early in the fight, but he’ll secure the knockout in the later rounds,» he concluded.

«To give people what they want to see»

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David Benavidez assures that he would knock out Canelo / PHOTO: The Associated Press

It seems that Canelo Álvarez caught wind of what David Benavidez said about him, as he wasted no time in ‘responding.’

In a video David shared on his official Instagram account, it’s clear how Canelo gestures for him to step into the ring.

«To give the people what they want to see…,» he wrote to accompany this post, which quickly went viral.

It’s likely that in a few weeks, this highly anticipated matchup for next September will be confirmed (TO WATCH THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

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