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Daughter of Nostradamus says Maribel Guardia is the victim of witchcraft

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  • The Daughter of Nostradamus says Maribel Guardia was the victim of witchcraft.
  • She also said there was a curse on Joan Sebastian.
  • The curse is related to his three children.

Julián Figueroa is still on everyone’s lips. On this occasion a psychic called the Daughter of Nostradamus has said that Maribel Guardia was the victim of witchcraft, adding that it was black magic.

She also stated that before he passed away, Joan Sebastian was burdened with a very powerful curse that ended up affecting him and his three children, who have all died, Julián Figueroa being the last on the list.

Daughter of Nostradamus says that Maribel Guarda was the victim of witchcraft

Daughter of Nostradamus assures that Maribel Guarda was subjected to witchcraft
PHOTO: YouTube

On her official YouTube channel, the Daughter of Nostradamus pointed out that dark witchcraft has been performed on Maribel Guardia. In the video the psychic pulls out a tarot card and says that a person has been performing this type of spell.

«They have been doing witchcraft on Maribel Guardia. But it is as if she were protected and many times these protections are so strong that they protect you and affect your loved ones,» says the Daughter of Nostradamus.

Daughter of Nostradamus says Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia were cursed

Daughter of Nostradamus points out that Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia loaded with curses
PHOTO: YouTube

The psychic went on to say that she does not know who has been performing witchcraft on the actress. However, she read another couple of cards and added that disputes have been plaguing Maribel’s family.

On the other hand, the Daughter of Nostradamus said that throughout his life, Joan Sebastian was carrying a terrible curse and that this burden would end up taking away each of his children. Julián Figueroa was the last to die.

The psychic reads cards related to Joan Sebastian

The seer reads the letters related to Joan Sebastian
PHOTO: YouTube

The Daughter of Nostradamus did not hold anything back and revealed Joan Sebastian had a dark past related to witchcraft. She said the curse took his three children.

“Here is a curse, the Fate card reversed. The curse on Joan Sebastian does come out with the Deat card. This is saying to me right now, the death of his children. Here comes a number, comes three, his three children, the Death card. And death comes three by three, the spiritual guide tells me.”

Julián Figueroa was the last of Joan Sebastian’s children to die

Julián Figueroa was the last of Joan Sebastian's children to die
PHOTO: YouTube

Julián Figueroa was the last of Joan Sebastian’s sons to die tragically. The psychic pointed out that a «black shadow» has been chasing him all his life.

«There was a shadow, a black shadow behind the young man, my skin gets goosebumps, a black shadow, it speaks of a curse of a death, of children, three by three, very sad,» said the Daughter of Nostradamus.

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