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Daniela Tapia, participant of the reality show ‘Los 50’, is trapped in bombings in Israel

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Daniela Tapia Israel, Attacks, Explosions, MundoNow, News
Foto: The Associated Press/Cortesía Telemundo, Daniela Tapia Israel
  • Daniela Tapia trapped in Israel.
  • A first-hand witness of devastating bombings
  • Reinforces call for peace.

Amid the recent chilling clashes between Israel and Palestine, another actress found herself trapped in the conflict zone.

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW
Photo: MundoNOW

Daniela Tapia, well-known actress and participant in the reality show “Los 50,” became a first-hand witness of the devastating bombings.

Last weekend, clashes between Israel and Palestine broke out again with unusual ferocity.

Bombings and attacks on both sides left many injuries and deaths in their path, plunging the region into heartbreaking chaos.

At the time the violence broke out, Daniela Tapia was in Israel, enjoying a vacation in the Holy Land.

Participant of ‘Los 50’ in attacks on Israel

Attacks, Bombing, War, Hamas, Middle East
Photo: The Associated Press

However, the peace was abruptly interrupted by the roar of bombs and the feeling of constant danger.

It should be noted that she would not be the first television personality to experience firsthand the terrible attacks on the Middle Eastern country.

Other actors were trapped when the bombings began to emerge in Israel, documenting each of their testimonies.

Now, Daniela Tapia from a bunker shared her anguish and despair with the world through social networks.

Daniela Tapia has a terrifying experience

Dispute, Israel, Palestinians, Defense, Telemundo
Photo: The Associated Press

The video of the statements of the participant of the reality show ‘Los 50’ began to circulate within the popular social network Instagram.

Through the account called «Spoiler La Casa de los Famosos (Meli Tv)» Daniela’s recording was published.

In this recording, the stories that the actress shared on her official Instagram account were compiled, since these are deleted after 24 hours.

The Cuban woman appears extremely shocked and devastated after the terrifying moments she experienced during the bombings in Israel.

The feat of the actress after bombings

Bombs, Explosions, Reality The 50s, Actress, Hispanic
Photo: The Associated Press

«Hard hard. In my life I had never heard bombs. Going out on a terrace and listening to the sound of the bombs and how they fall is very hard,» she shared.

«I am in a house with a family, with some children, there is a bunker that protects us. I just ask God to go out and be with my family,» she said.

«Guys, those who are asking me, go on the internet, I don’t want to start talking, I’m in shock, the truth is I don’t know what I can say,» she said.

«I woke up at 8 in the morning with bombs, I can’t explain to you how it feels, I just ask God to be able to take my flight,» she added.

Actress lives the war in Israel

Gaza Strip, Fight, Danger, Alarm, News
Daniela Tapia trapped in Israel-Photo: The Associated Press

«Everyone is trying to leave the country, they are at war and I am here,» stressed the participant of the reality show ‘Los 50’.

After those messages, the actress recorded a video where she appeared crying, sharing one of the shocking moments she experienced.

«They stopped us on the road in the middle of the street because they are bombing and we had to lie on the ground,» she said through tears.

Despite the anguish she experienced, Daniela Tapia maintained hope of reaching the airport and returning home to her loved ones.

Daniela Tapia’s anguish comes to an end

Impact, Security, Social Networks, Daniela Tapia trapped in Israel, The latest
Photo: The Associated Press

This Sunday, the artist finally arrived home, where she was greeted by hugs and intense emotions from her loved ones.

With tears in her eyes, she couldn’t help but feel deeply affected by the devastating situation she had left behind.

Daniela Tapia’s experience serves as a reminder of the consequences of international conflicts.

This story reminds us of the importance of seeking solutions and the urgent need to find a path to peace in the region. HERE THE VIDEO.

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