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Daniel Suárez: Routines of a champion

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Daniel Suárez champion routines, motorsports, cars, racing, MundoNOW / Daniel Suárez rutinas campeón, automovilismo, autos, carreras, MundoNOW
Daniel Suárez, the routines of a champion/ PHOTO: MundoNOW
  • Suárez: No Rituals, Only Energy.
  • Talismans: Image and Coin.
  • Focus, Faith, Coca Cola.

In the fascinating universe of motorsports, where speed merges with skill and strategy, each driver has their own ritual.

Deep-rooted beliefs and traditions accompany them in every race.

However, in this bustling scenario, Mexican driver Daniel Suárez stands out for his unique approach and connection with the energy surrounding the racing world.

Julia Piquet, Suárez’s girlfriend, reveals that the driver carries a small image of a saint, a gift from Daniel’s mother.

A Unique Approach to Motorsports

Daniel Suárez champion routines, Daniel Suárez, rituals, energy, coins, faith
Daniel Suárez, the routines of a champion / PHOTO: MundoNOW

To this, he adds a lucky coin found in a rental car, which has become a talisman before each competition.

These seemingly superstitious gestures offer a unique insight into the driver’s mental preparation before facing the track.

However, Suárez clarifies that he doesn’t follow specific rituals.

In his own words, «I don’t have superstitions, nor do I have a ritual.»

Belief in Energy

Coca Cola, car 99, Mexican, girlfriend, strength
PHOTO: MundoNOW Video Capture

Despite this, the driver confesses to firmly believing in energy.

For him, everything in the world is energy, and when he gets into the race car, he creates a special connection with himself.

During the interview, Suárez shares his peculiar mental process.

While circling the car, he analyzes every move, as if engaging in a dialogue with the machine that will lead him to victory.

Suárez’s Exclusive Mental Focus

hug, Motorsports, Mexican driver, Racing rituals, Mental preparation
Daniel Suárez, the routines of a champion / PHOTO: MundoNOW

His mind plunges into a unique, focused, and determined mental zone.

Suárez’s connection with energy goes beyond simple beliefs.

Beyond superstition, the driver immerses himself in a methodical and concentrated approach.

He reveals that his preparation includes visualizing every detail of the race, establishing silent communication with his vehicle.

Daniel Suárez: In the Competitive Mental State

sports, motor, racing, auto, nascar
PHOTO: MundoNOW Video Capture

In this mental state, Suárez appears distant, a man focused on his task, with his mind already on the track even though his body remains in the present.*

The driver doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge the importance of his faith.

He entrusts himself to God, thanking Him for the assistance that has kept him in a prominent position in motorsports.

However, after that spiritual moment, Suárez dives into a direct connection with the energy of the sport, focusing on his goals and channeling all his strength toward progress.

Tools and Simplicity

success, champion, Daniel, motor, coke
Daniel Suárez, the routines of a champion / PHOTO: MundoNOW

Focus, concentration, and surprisingly, a cold Coca Cola, emerge as indispensable tools in Daniel Suárez’s quest for victory.

This habit highlights the simplicity that characterizes the driver, portraying him as someone who, despite the intensity of the races, maintains a touch of normalcy.

In a world where superstitions and rituals are commonplace, Daniel Suárez finds strength in the connection with the energy that drives each competition.

His story reminds us that, beyond personal beliefs, mental preparation and self-connection are fundamental elements in the pursuit of success in motorsports.

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