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Daniel Sarcos reveals illness he suffers from and ends up in the operating room

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Daniel Sarcos reveals illness, Hospital, Heal, MundoNow, News
Daniel Sarcos reveals illness (PHOTO: MundoNOW)
  • Daniel Sarcos reveals illness.
  • He underwent emergency surgery.
  • Make all the details known.

The renowned Venezuelan television presenter, monologuist and singer, Daniel Sarcos, surprised his followers by revealing in a video published on his Instagram account.

This account is followed by more than 2 million people, where he decided to be completely honest with his fans.

The presenter revealed that he has been diagnosed with a strange disease that has led him to the operating room.

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«If you are watching this video, it means that I am in the operating room or coming out of it,» the presenter announced in a video on Instagram.

«The issue is already unbearable,» said Sarcos, who confessed to having kept this secret for almost five years.

«Four years ago I started to feel great discomfort when walking, but we attributed it to an injury,» said the famous man.

«Two years ago the pain increased and a year ago it became chronic and unbearable,» the presenter revealed.

Daniel Sarcos Revelation

operation, hip, health, Instagram, video
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Daniel, during this time continued with his professional commitments despite intense pain, even resorting to powerful painkillers to fulfill his responsibilities.

Sarcos, recognized for his work on networks such as Telemundo and Univision, publicly announced for the first time that he suffers from wear and tear in his right acetabulum.

This, due to osteoarthritis. «The operation will be the total replacement of my right hip, I am very happy, I am very grateful to all the people who work with me,» he expressed.

Sarcos was accompanied by his partner, Alessandra Villegas, at this difficult time. «I thank the people who have supported me. Now I have to face this.»

The presenter reveals that he has faith above all

 revelation, messages, support, followers
Daniel Sarcos reveals illness PHOTO: Mezcalent

The presenter made it clear that he will be sharing the details of his recovery process.

All this with the aim of keeping his followers informed, to whom he dedicated a message of faith and gratitude at the end of the video:

«A hug for those who wish me well and those who write to me,» revealed the beloved actor and singer of Venezuelan origin.

After the video was published, friends of the media and followers expressed their messages of support and wishes for a speedy recovery for Daniel Sarcos.

Messages of support from fans and friends

charisma, television, stand-up comedian, singer
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«Many blessings Daniel, speedy recovery», «God is great @dsarcos, everything will be fine», «Strength and faith!», expressed some of his fans.

«Soon you will be better Daniel», «A lot of strength, trust in God», «We will be here to support you in everything», «May you get better Daniel», expressed Neida Sandoval.

«God is in control and he will heal you,» were some of the comments that flooded social media in solidarity with the renowned Venezuelan presenter and singer.

This news took by surprise to many of his followers, however the singer also reassured his audience and let them know that with faith, anything is possible.

Daniel Sarcos will reveal the recovery process

 diagnosis, operating room, pain, commitments, analgesics
Daniel Sarcos reveals illness PHOTO: Mezcalent

The presenter, recognized for his talent and charisma in the world of entertainment, now faces a new challenge in his personal life.

However, his bravery in sharing his situation and his positive attitude towards the operation have generated signs of support and solidarity from his followers and colleagues.

In the meantime, Daniel’s fans and friends will continue to hear of any news that the presenter shows on his social media.

In this video, Sarcos has obtained more than 17,000 reactions in just a few hours of announcing the news (TO GO TO THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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