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Host Daniel Bisogno’s mother has died

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Daniel Bisogno's mother , María Araceli Bisogno Tapia, Loss, Grief, Sadness - Mamá Daniel Bisogno, María Araceli Bisogno Tapia, Pérdida, Duelo, Tristeza, MundoNOW
Daniel Bisogno's mother dies (Photo: Getty Images/Shutterstock)
  • Daniel Bisogno’s mother dies.
  • The host remains hospitalized.
  • His fans are in mourning.

Sad news for the Ventaneando host! As he is hospitalized battling illness, Daniel Bisogno’s mother has died.

Mrs. María Araceli Bisogno Tapia passed away on February 24, and her cause of death is unknown.

This tough blow came after it was revealed that the entertainment host remained intubated and in a medically induced coma due to a lung infection.

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The news of María Araceli Bisogno Tapia’s death has shocked the entertainment world.

TV Notas magazine revealed the tragedy facing the Tapia-Bisogno family on social media. So far, none of her children have commented.

«Unfortunately, María Araceli Bisogno, mother of the beloved hosts Daniel and Alex Bisogno, passed away. Rest in peace,» the post reads.

Although they did not reveal more details, TV Notas shared a photograph of the television presenters’ mother, bidding her farewell.

Daniel Bisogno’s mother dies

Daniel Bisogno's mother , María Araceli Bisogno Tapia, Loss, Grief, Sadness, MundoNOW
Photo: Funeraria J. García López

The pain is even even more intense because of the circumstances surrounding her death. So far it is not known if the host has been notified of this news.

The lack of clarity about her cause of death only adds a cloak of uncertainty to the already overwhelming sense of loss.

Shortly after, the J. García López Funeral Home in Mexico City published a short obituary about María Bisogno.

«We appreciate a prayer in her memory,» the funeral home wrote at the request of the family. El Universal confirmed that she will be cremated.

What happened to María Bisogno?

Shock, Show host, Health, Lung infection, Induced coma, MundoNOW
Photo: Facebook (Ventaneando)

Although her cause of death remains unknown, Mexican media revealed that Mrs. Bisogno had been battling health issues since 2020.

According to El Universal, María Bisogno faced complications from COVID-19 and was on the brink of death when she contracted it.

After a long recovery, she managed to overcome the illness that significantly affected her at that time.

Since then, the host has been more open about his mother, and in 2021, he shared more details about her.

What is known about Bisogno?

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Photo: Mezcalent

On the 2021 Mother’s Day special Daniel Bisogno talked about his childhood and, accompanied by Pedro Sola, recounted memories of his mother.

«I can imagine that he made her cry tears of blood. This photo from when she was young…» the Ventaneando host told El Muñe.

«Your mom got married at 15 and had Daniel, I think, at 16, and Daniel was born almost the size he is now,» Pedro Sola recounted, according to Milenio.

They showed a photo of Mrs. Bisogno carrying her son in her arms.

Daniel Bisogno’s mother will be missed

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Photo: Mezcalent

In the midst of pain and sadness, it is crucial that Daniel Bisogno and his family find comfort and support in their loved ones, friends and community.

Mrs. María Araceli Bisogno Tapia’s left indelible legacy on those who had the privilege of knowing her.

«My mom was always affectionate with us, she always treated us very well,» El Muñeco said on the Mother’s Day special.

«She would throw the flip-flop at us, that’s for sure, but only when we were misbehaving; she would shout ‘Daniel’ wherever she was, blocks away, to get me to go get my dad’s Coke,» he added, according to Milenio.

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