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Singing in the Shower & Other Positive Thoughts to Uplift Yourself Each Day

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We would all love to start every day bursting with positive thoughts and endless optimism. A very lucky few may always wake up on the right side of the bed. (And don’t we all secretly hate them?) Oops, there go those negative thoughts again! Still, staying positive doesn’t just affect your mood. Leading positivity scholar Barbara Fredrickson says, «I think of positive emotions as nutrients. In the same way that we need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to be healthy, we need a variety of positive emotions in our daily experience to help us become more resourceful versions of ourselves.» So to make sure you are always the best version of yourself, here are some easy ways to stay uplifted and keep those positive thoughts flowing.

1. Take a Walk


All it takes is a quick spin around the block to feel rejuvenated. Breathe the fresh air, soak up the sunshine and get your blood circulating.

2. Snuggle With a Pet or a Baby or Both!

If you’re an animal lover, few things are more life affirming than snuggling with a chubby baby or an adorable dog or cat even if it isn’t yours.

3. Put on Happy Tunes

Girl listening to music with positive attitude

As soon as you feel a case of the Mondays descending, put on your headphones, listen to your favorite upbeat music and tune everything else out for 10 minutes.

4. Smile

You may start out with a fake smile plastered across your face but keep it up anyway. It’s pretty hard to smile without having a few positive thoughts creep up on you.

5. Bold New Lipstick


Something as simple as a vibrant new lipstick color makes you feel beautiful, powerful and energized.

6. Meditate

Ten minutes of meditation will calm your spirit, center your soul and have your positive thoughts flowing freely.

7. Create Something

Young man painting something with happy thoughts

Getting those creative juices flowing will make staying positive a breeze. It can be anything: a doodle, a delicious meal, knitting or just rearranging the furniture.

8. Exercise

Exercise makes you feel great inside and out. You get your heart pumping, you feel strong and you release those lovely endorphins that absolutely erase negativity.

9. Do Something Nice


Step out of your negative spiral and do something nice for someone else. Take a friend out to lunch, help a stranger in need, make a charitable donation, it doesn’t matter how small.

10. YouTube

Close your office door and take a silly video break. A few funny baby and goofy animal vids are guaranteed to make you giggle no matter how bad your day has been.

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