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San Antonio dad kills neighbor for allegedly exposing himself to children

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San Antonio dad kills neighbor (Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department / Eddie Moreno)
  • Dad kills neighbor for allegedly exposing himself.
  • Eddie Moreno was charged with murder in San Antonio.
  • The victim’s family said he had bipolar disorder.

Eddie Moreno was charged with murder after fatally shooting his neighbor, Joe Martín Moreno, at least four times.

Eddie claimed that Joe had exposed himself to his children.

The 911 operator could hear the shots while she was talking with Eddie Moreno’s wife.

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Dad kills neighbor for allegedly exposing himself

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Photo: GoFundMe / Joe Moreno

Paramedics and officers from the Las Vegas, Nevada Metropolitan Area immediately responded.

It was 7:07 p.m. when the first patrol cars arrived at the 2200 block of Starline Meadow Place in Summerlin.

The victim was lying on the ground and Eddie Moreno was still at the seen.

Initial interviews indicated it was a fight between neighbors that turned deadly.

Eddie Moreno accused Joe Moreno of inappropriate behavior

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PHOTO Shutterstock

The suspect did not resist arrest and willingly accompanied the officers to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

According to his affidavit, he said that he was returning from a family gathering and allegedly found Joe near his house.

In the arrest report, Eddie claims that Joe «was acting aggressively and appeared to be talking to himself» and that he decided to pull out his gun and shoot when Joe walked toward him with his hands in his pockets.

His story was dismissed by Homicide detectives when they reviewed a Blink recording device on another neighbor’s property.

Joe Moreno suffered from bipolar disorder

family reunion, recording device, Blink, mental illness, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

In the video, which has not yet been made public, the men are heard arguing and Joe allegedly yelled that Eddie Moreno wanted to kill him.

At no time, according to the arrest warrant, is the victim seen to be armed or on the shooter’s property.

Joe’s family claim in a GoFundMe campaign that he suffered from a mental illness and that only his father, who died two years ago from cancer, was able to control it.

«Under all its beauty, was a condition called Bipolar Disorder. He has struggled with this for many years and has been in and out of hospitals,» her sister, Lisa Moreno, wrote.

Bail is set at $100,000

Bipolar Disorder, court, bail, probation, prison, MundoNOW
Dad kills neighbor / Photo: Shutterstock

«This condition has progressed a lot in recent years. It was because of these conditions that someone decided to take his life,» she added.

Eddie Moreno appeared in court on May 16.

The judge set bail at $100,000 and Moreno must stay away from firearms and his other neighbors in Summerlin.

For now, Moreno will remain in prison and his next court appearance will be on August 13, 2024.

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