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Curious: American YouTuber offers free nude photos to those who vote for Biden (PHOTO)

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Foto: Getty / Video: MH
  • An American YouTuber offered free nude photos to anyone who votes for Joe Biden in the presidential election
  • The celebrity lost her verification on YouTube for allegedly offering the nudes in exchange for votes
  • The influencer has promoted the hashtag #bootyforbiden (rear by Biden)

An American YouTuber offered her

followers free nude photos if they voted for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential elections this coming November 3.

YouTube star Tana Mongeau, 22, reportedly lost her verification on the social network a few days after making her proposal to send free nude photos to people who could prove they voted for Biden, according to review. VT News.

YouTuber Sends Free Nude Photos To Those Who Vote For Biden

Photo: Twitter.

Although YouTube has not issued any statement about the reason that led them to remove the verification of the influencer’s account, it seems to indicate that it is due to their offer since with this action they would be violating a US electoral law.

In accordance with TMZOn September 30, Tana said through her Twitter account that she would send her followers of Onlyfans, a platform where censored photos and videos are published, a free nude if they sent proof of having voted for the Democratic candidate.

The influencer made the post promoting the hashtag #bootyforbiden (butt for Biden).

Tana also shared an update with her 5.4 million followers. Instagram, writing alongside an edited photo of her with Biden’s face that the #bootyforbiden campaign had broken the internet.

“I love seeing so many people who want change as much as I do. You don’t need my ass to know what is right for America, so VOTE! Today was fun. »

YouTuber Sends Free Nude Photos To Those Who Vote For Biden

Photo: Instagram.

This type of action could be considered vote buying, which is a felony under federal law. United States Code 597 establishes that: “whoever makes or offers to make an expense to any person, either to vote or retain his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate, who requests, accepts or receives such spending in consideration of his vote or that of voting, he will be fined under this title or imprisoned for no more than one year, or both ”.

Joe Biden tests negative again for coronavirus

Democratic candidate Joe Biden again tested negative for coronavirus, reported his campaign team.

This Sunday, the campaign of Democrat Joe Biden reported that the results of the Covid-19 tests that were carried out returned a negative result.

The situation comes after the more than 90-minute televised debate he had with President Donald Trump five days ago. Two days later, on Friday, Trump reported that he had tested positive for Covid-19. On the same Friday, Biden and his wife took two tests, both were negative.

At the moment, the Democratic candidate is expected to travel to Florida on Monday to continue his campaign meetings.

His team indicated that it will be attentive to safety measures such as the use of masks, avoiding crowds and respecting social distancing, AP reported.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to be admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he is being treated for coronavirus. Although that did not prevent him from leaving the place briefly today aboard a black armored truck to greet his supporters who were stationed on the outskirts.

President Trump is looking forward to returning to the election campaign, as confirmed by the White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, when she said that Trump has «high hopes of coming out shortly when doctors deem it appropriate.»

On the other hand, it was known that Attorney General William Barr will self-quarantine after it was learned that Trump and other officials have tested positive for coronavirus. Since Friday, Barr has taken four tests for COVID-19 and all have come back negative.

However, he plans to stay home as a precaution.

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Trump leaves the hospital to greet his followers from a van (VIDEO)

Trump exits hospital van. For a few minutes, President Donald Trump left the hospital where he has been hospitalized since Friday due to the coronavirus, to greet from a black truck to the followers who have been encouraging him on the outskirts.

Wearing a mask, President Trump was in the back of a Suburban and from there he greeted supporters during a «surprise» drive in front of Walter Reed Medical Center.

Following the tour, James P. Phillips, a doctor at Walter Reed Medical Center, condemned the president’s action with two tweets.

“That presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, it is hermetically sealed against chemical attack. The risk of COVID-19 transmission indoors is as high as outside of medical procedures. The irresponsibility is amazing. My thoughts are with the Secret Service obligated to comply, ”wrote the doctor.

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