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Mitos y Leyendas: Cross-Faced

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Cross-faced, Shuttertock
  • Genny de Bernardo shares with you the curious legend of Cross-Faced.
  • It is a story in which a man with a scar manages to marry a chief’s daughter.
  • The Sun God learns of his kindness and rewards him.

In times of peace, the chief of the Black Feet lived somewhat confused by his daughter. She always rejected any suitor who approached her.

One day, she confessed to her father that the reason was that she had made a promise to the Great Spirit, the Sun God, meaning she belonged to him, but it wouldn’t always be so.

In the tribe lived a man of not very gallant appearance. The reason was a birthmark scar on his face. This caused people to nickname him Cross-Faced and mock him.

His friends, to call them something, always played heavy jokes on him. One day, they told him he should propose to the girl, and for some reason, he kept thinking about this.

Cross-Faced Proposes to the Chief’s Daughter

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For some reason, Cross-Faced couldn’t stop thinking about proposing to the girl. One day, out of the blue, he approached her to make his request.

He said, «I have nothing, no clothes, no tipi, no furs, but I ask you to be my wife.» For some reason, after hearing Cross-Faced, the woman felt something.

For some reason, the girl felt a certain need to say yes. This led her to present her situation to the sun. The sun replied that there was a way for this to happen.

For this to happen, Cross-Faced had to have an interview with him. The authorization would be that the scar on his face would be erased if the union was approved.

The Journey to See the Sun

Sun, Sky, Blue, MundoNow, Podcast

The woman shared the sun’s message with Cross-Faced. Without thinking, he said yes.

He set off for the summit of the mountain where he thought he would find the sun. On his way, he found a pair of excellent weapons.

They appeared to be of great quality, but he also thought that the warrior who had left them would be around and return for them, plus, he felt he should not take what wasn’t his.

He continued on his way, and suddenly, he encountered a wolf on the path that with a magical leap, took him to a young, beautiful, and shining man. This, because of his previous action, led him to another being.

Encounter with the Sun

Wolf, Animal, Wild, MundoNow, Legend

Cross-Faced waited a while for the Sun to appear, and didn’t have to wait long.

When it arrived, its son narrated how this man had acted and also heard the story from the protagonist’s mouth.

The sun agreed to the union these young people wanted to perform. Before leaving, it erased the scar from his face and gave him seven crow feathers.

He said he must deliver them to the woman. Then, he pointed out the way back. It was the path of the wolf, which was the Milky Way and instantly took him to his tribe.

Cross-Faced Returns

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The man returned with his face covered and only removed his hood in front of his future wife. Seeing him, she understood the man’s success and joyfully took the feathers.

The chief of the Black Feet celebrated the union, and Cross-Faced became a legend. They lived happily for a long time, and their children were born.

These were the ones who one day found their parents not in their bed. It was logical, as it was normal for the Black Feet to invite such unions to become part of the sand hills.

Mitos y Leyendas thanks you for your interest and hopes that the legend of Cross-Faced has been to your liking. Until next time!

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Mitos y Leyendas
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