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Costco will require membership to buy gas at their stations starting next month

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  • Costco will require a membership to buy gas at their stations.
  • Drivers must present their membership card at Costco stations.
  • This will take effect starting next month.

Starting next month, Costco stores in the United States will no longer allow anyone without a membership to buy gas at its stations. Now they will require a membership card to allow drivers to purchase fuel, according to The Sun.

New Jersey drivers benefited most from Costco’s cheaper gas since prices in that state are through the roof. At Costco stations it was less expensive. As of June 10, the average cost of a gallon of gas in New Jersey is $5.04, according to AAA.


costco gasoline membership
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For this reason, Costco made an announcement regarding the change, especially at service stations in the Garden State, reported Starting in July it will be necessary to have a membership card in order to buy gasoline there.

One of the signs said the following about what will be prohibited and what will be required of all drivers in the following days: “Effective July 5, 2022, your active Costco membership card will be required for gasoline purchases.»


Drivers fuel prices
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GasBuddy said drivers had reported prices at two Costco locations in New Jersey were $4.84 and $4.85 on June 10. With those deals, Costco pumps can save drivers several dollars when filling their tanks.

Notably, Costco gave non-members the opportunity to buy gasoline in Jersey starting in 2004, the warehouse club was told its “members-only” policy at the pump violated New Jersey state law, the Puget Sound Business Journal reported at the time.


costco gasoline membership
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For its part, Costco’s chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, told USA Today that the change in plans was made to be standardize Costco’s gas policy across the country. In other states, Costco gas is only available to members. Until now New Jersey was an exception because the legality of the policy was questioned almost 20 years ago.

But to date, it is not known if the state will issue any legal action against Costco. However, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury told that the entity has no limits on gasoline sales, all that is required is that motor fuel taxes be paid. Filed Under: Costco Gasoline Membership

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