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Costco will close its stores on Christmas in the US

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Costco closing on Christmas day (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Costco closing stores in the U.S.
  • The retailer will not be open on Christmas Day.
  • Customers will have to look for alternatives.

Costco, one of the big box giants, is preparing to close all of its stores in the coming weeks.

The retail chain has made the decision for the benefit of its workers, however customers will lose out.

According to The US Sun, all locations will be closed on December 25.

However, the retailer will remain open on Christmas Eve offering consumers one last chance to get their Christmas shopping done.

Preparation for the Christmas season at Costo

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Christmas Day will be a break from usual operations so employees can spend time with family on that special date.

This decision has surprised many customers who are accustomed to Costco being open long hours and having holiday sales.

Additionally, a brief ad was aired for the millions of Costco cardholders familiar with the store’s low prices and quality.

They encourage customers to plan ahead so they’re not inconvenienced by this unusual closure.

Why is Costco closing?

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Costco’s closing on Christmas, while remaining open on Christmas Eve, reflects a popular strategy.

Management wants employees to be able to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.

Customers looking to take advantage of Costco’s exclusive deals this holiday season will need to adjust their plans.

It’s important to get everything you need before December 25.

Other retail chains will close for Christmas

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Costco is just one of the big box stores known for offering special savings on major holidays.

It’s a popular destination for getting everything you need for your Christmas dinner.

At a time when planning is essential, Costco joins other retailers that have decided to close for Christmas.

Trader Joe’s and Walmart will also close on that day, ensuring a day of rest for their employees and a pause in their usual operations.

Impact on Costco employees

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This is not the first year Costco has closed on Christmas. The chain has maintained this tradition of closing its doors on December 25 for years.

This aligns with its focus on the well-being of its employees, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with their families.

It’s something that is much appreciated by workers.

Meanwhile, Costco is expected to continue operating normally during the run-up to Christmas for people to stock up on necessities.

Christmas shopping and memberships

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Additionally, most people appreciate the competitive prices in the supermarket aisles this time of year.

If you live in the U.S. and do not yet have a Costco membership, there are currently two types: Gold Star and Executive.

The cost of each varies — the Gold Star membership costs $60 per year, while the Executive card costs $120.

The main difference between the two memberships is that an executive member can earn 2% cash back on all eligible purchases.

An annual tradition

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Costco closing for Christmas means people may have to adjust their plans.

But, at the same time, it also highlights the importance of allowing time for rest and celebrating with the family during the holidays.

This could affect last-minute purchases, motivating consumers to plan ahead.

The decision to close on December 25 may be inconvenient but it’s motivation to get organized early, according to The US Sun.

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