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Report: The Average Cost to Travel to 5 Popular Cities Right Now

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The Average Cost to Travel to 5 Popular Cities Right Now / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Air travel doubles in 2021
  • Lower prices in certain destinations
  • Recommendation: Google Flights for savings

Americans are traveling more again, according to the latest data from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Their statistics show a very significant fact:

Although Americans are not traveling as much as they were before the start of COVID-19, air travel in September 2021 was more than double that of a year earlier.

If you are thinking of traveling, this could be an opportune time to take a trip to visit a faraway place in the United States, but what is the cost to travel popular cities?

Are you looking to travel? These cities are offering the best deals

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cost of traveling popular cities / PHOTO: Getty Images

You might need some hunting before finding the best deals at the moment, as the cost of lodging and travel are rising.

The travel booking site priceline compiled a list of the best American cities to visit right now based on an analysis of accommodation, flights and travel booking.

By looking at data from 20 cities, Priceline determined which destinations will give you the most bang for your buck.

Priceline took into account hotel, flight and reservations through its service (as well as trips already taken) in 2021 and compared the same periods in 2019.

Flight and hotel prices for 5 popular cities

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Here are the prices to fly and hotel in the list of trips to the best cities that Priceline created.

I have calculated the amount for a five night stay to help you know the potential cost.

Now let’s review where prices are falling, and then where they are rising.

The following data is based on a comparison of trips booked through Priceline this year versus the same period in 2019.

Where are prices going down and up?

cost to travel popular cities, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

According to Priceline, average hotel prices are falling in a few cities: San Francisco (-21%), New York City (-14%) and Seattle (-11%).

When it comes to flight price, round trip prices are declining for these major cities: Miami (-26%), Los Angeles (-16%), and Phoenix (-15%).

If you opt for a package for your trip, offers to Phoenix (-17%), San Francisco (-18%) and Seattle (-14%) have dropped further.

The average price of a hotel room is increasing in most major US cities: Miami: 63%, Tampa: 35%, Phoenix: 25%, Orlando: 24% and Houston: 23%.

How can I save on travel now?

travel savings, Google Flights, Team Clark, non-stop flight, MundoNOW
cost to travel popular cities / PHOTO: Shutterstock

If you are interested in reserving a trip soon, one of the best ways to save money is to use Google Flights to compare purchases.

You can find rates for trips and hotels on the site. “Google Flights should be the first website you visit to search for domestic and international flights before booking on a specific airline.”

Team Clark Travel Expert Clara Bosonetto said:

“With its countless filters, it’s the best place to use when you have a specific airline to travel, a non-stop flight, have to travel to multiple cities (first to one, then another), or want to book a one-way trip.”

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