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How much does it cost to rent a house in Florida?

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  • On average, Floridians spend about $1,790 on rent. 
  • Florida is one of the most expensive states to rent in the US.
  • Find out the average rent in four of the biggest cities in Florida.

Do you know how much it costs to rent a house in Florida? It might surprise you because Florida has some of the highest housing costs and rents in the entire United States. Average rent there is approximately $1,790. However, most residents pay more than that amount.

Find out what the cost of renting a home is in four of the most popular Florida cities and which neighborhoods are most expensive. Of course, prices will always vary depending on the characteristics of the property and the area it is located in.



You won’t believe how much it costs to rent in the city of Miami! On average, the price of rent in this city is $2,307 for an approximately 887 square foot home. In Miami, only 1% of the population pays less than $1,000 in rent.

Sixty percent of residents who rent a property pay more than $2,000 and these represent 70% of the total population of Florida. The most expensive area to rent in Miami is Brickell Key, with a cost of $3,314. In Ascot Park the rent is around $1,489.


The furnished interior of a house

Median rent in Naples is about $2,264. Without a doubt, Naples, Florida, is one of the most expensive cities to live and rent, since about 70% of the residents pay more than $2,000 a month and only 10% pay less than $1,000 to rent a house.

According to statistics, the most expensive area to rent in Naples is Bears Paw, at around $2,521. There are other areas where the cost of housing is cheaper, such as Coquina Sands and Lake Park, where rent usually doesn’t exceed $1,700. In Naples, residents pay almost $1,000 more per month than residents of cities like Jacksonville, where the answer to how much it costs to rent in Florida is $1,530. The cost is even higher in Miramar, where a house rents for almost $3,000.

Housing in Orlando

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In Orlando, 63% of residents rent a home and, although prices vary according to the area and the amenities they have, the price, in general, is around $2,000.

The most expensive neighborhood is Baldwin Park, where the median rent is $2,375. In areas such as Mercy Drive and Rosemond North, houses can be rented for less than $1,500 a month — a cost that is 13% lower than in other areas.

The cost of to rent in Coral Gables

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Coral Gables is the city with the highest rent in Florida. There, more than 70% of the residents spend more than $2,000 on rent and only 15% of them have been able to find a rental home for less than $1,000.

The price of rent increases considerably in certain neighborhoods. This is the case in Biltmore, Coral Gables Crafts and Granada, where the rent exceeds $3,000, a cost that is equivalent to double what the residents of Jacksonville pay.

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