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Babo’s genital modification: How much does pearling cost in the US?

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How much does pearling cost? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • What is the cost of pearling?
  • Babo, vocalist for Cartel de Santa, describes his experience.
  • What are the risks of genital beading?

Earlier this year, an explicit video of Cartel de Santa vocalist Babo was leaked from his OnlyFans account, giving people plenty to talk about.

One thing that really caught everyone’s attention was that the Mexican singer had pearls implanted in his penis.

This sparked some interest in this form of genital modification, called pearling, and some are curious about how much it costs.

In various interviews, the rapper has revealed that he has six pearls and four ribs in his penis.

What is pearling?

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In an interview with YouTuber Luisito Comunica, Babo shared where the idea of genital beading originated for him.

Men in prison use DIY methods to implant various objects under the skin of their genitals. However, when it’s done professionally, the beads are made of either teflon or silicone.

«This texture that I have on my penis is called pearling. It is about raising the skin of the penis and you go under it and put in a marble, “said the singer.

This procedure is known as genital beading and must be done only by professionals.

The cost of pearling in the US

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Although the cost of pearling, like Babo’s, can vary in the US, you can expect to spend between $100 and $200.

You have to take into account the material that is going to be used, as well as the number of pearls that you want to place. It is not an easy decision.

One more detail… Teflon beads are the cheapest, followed by Pyrex beads. Silicone is the most expensive.

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk that things will not go as planned.

Babo and his pearling experience

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So what exactly does pearling involve?

It is a technique in which small incisions are made on the surface of the penile shaft and small beads are inserted under the skin.

In his conversation with Luisito Comunica, the Cartel de Santa rapper commented that when he has an erection, «you look at the marbles all the time.»

This body modification is intended to increase the woman’s pleasure by stimulating the clitoris.

Babo’s custom genital beading

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Before the rapper dared to put pearls in his penis, he made his own design.

«The marbles above are when you facing the woman, they stimulate the G-spot,» Babo explained.

Babo added that when your partner has their back to you, the bottom three marbles also hit the G-spot.

«The ribs are on the edges of the penis to stimulate the woman inside,» he said.

Risks and important considerations

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If it doesn’t heal properly, genital beading can cause several complications.

As if that were not enough, according to infobae the healing process could result in infections, bleeding and even the movement or migration of pearls.

In Babo’s case, who underwent this process in 2010, one of the marbles did move because he ignored the instructions not to have sex for two months.

«The next thing was to learn how to use it. Learn how to rub the marbles where they should, because I placed them that way for a reason,» commented the singer.

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