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Plan cósmico: Contact Preparation

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  • Plan cósmico brings you another summary of yet another episode from beyond this world.
  • This time Sixto shares about a material in the contacts.
  • He speaks about other dimensions.

Dear friends, have you ever wondered about the vastness of the universe and our place in it?

Today, on our Cosmic Plan podcast, we explore the fascinating topics that emerge from our experiences with extraterrestrial contact.

From telepathic messages to cosmic initiations, we have witnessed an awakening of consciousness that challenges us to expand our boundaries and explore dimensions beyond our traditional understanding.

For over 50 years, we have embarked on a journey of cosmic discovery, receiving telepathic messages that challenge our conventional understanding of reality.

A Metallic Material

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These messages, transmitted through automatic writing and psychography, have been the catalyst for a spiritual awakening that urges us to prepare for a series of cosmic initiations.

These initiations challenge us to become more attuned, to open ourselves to new perceptions, and to engage in a path of personal and spiritual evolution.

One of the most impactful experiences we shared was the reception of cesium crystals, an alkali metal that extraterrestrial beings provided us to channel and distribute the energy arriving on Earth in cosmic cycles.

These crystals act as catalysts for our own evolution, stimulating our extrasensory perception and connecting us with dimensions beyond our physical reality.

New Name

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In addition to cesium crystals, we also received the initiation of the cosmic name, a personal vibratory key that reflects our unique connection with the universe.

This cosmic name, composed of specific sounds and vibrations, connects us with our spiritual origin and guides us on our path of evolution.

But our experiences are not limited to the passive reception of messages and initiations.

We have witnessed the human capacity to open interdimensional portals, challenging the boundaries between our world and other planes of existence.


Portals, Dimensions, Person, MundoNow, Podcast

These portals have led us to close encounters with extraterrestrial beings and have allowed us to explore realities beyond our current understanding.

As we continue our cosmic journey, we face new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Our experiences have transformed us and have inspired others to join us in exploring the universe and ourselves.

Whether through telepathy, clairvoyance, or the opening of interdimensional portals, we are discovering new potential within ourselves and embracing our role in the vast cosmos.

Don’t Miss Out

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Join us on this exciting journey of cosmic discovery and prepare to expand your minds beyond imagination!

The universe awaits us, and together we will explore its deepest mysteries. Until the next installment of our Cosmic Plan podcast!

Remember that this is just a part of everything discussed in this particularly spacey episode.

So don’t miss out on Plan cósmico and let your mind become something out of this world.

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