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Family exhumes grandmother’s corpse and are shocked by her appearance

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  • After 10 years, a grandmother’s corpse is exhumed.
  • Her family from the Dominican Republic found she was almost intact.
  • A detail on her body sparked controversy.

After 10 years, a family exhumed their grandmother’s corpse. This family from the Dominican Republic was shocked to find her body was practically intact. It was so well preserved, it immediately caught the attention of the community and the media.

It’s amazing, but also terrifying, because some people don’t understand why the family did that. They not only dug her up, they also took out the corpse and walked around with it through the streets of a small town near the La Colonia cemetery in Jarabacoa.


Grandma's corpse exhumed
Photo File

Her name was Margarita Rosario and her family says that she was a great woman and they will always remember her fondly. However, one detail caught the attention of all those who have seen the body since it is not very common to see this, especially 10 years after death.

What you are about to see is simply out of this world. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon and the family was so happy to see that their grandmother was in such good condition that they wanted to show the world how well preserved she is.


dead street Dominican Republic
Photo Twitter

The woman’s body still had hair and some skin, but the most impressive thing is that her bones were strong enough for her to be held upright. So they decided to take a walk through the streets of the town.

Many curious people approached to see the amazing phenomenon, some took video to document this fascinating incident. The woman was practically mummified — a natural process that few corpses experience unless they are handled by experts. Filed Under: Grandma Corpse


Grandma's corpse exhumed
Photo Twitter

Seeing this, some curious people came up and gave their first impressions to Jam Press: “She was a good person in life. That is why she is still preserved,” said a local from Jarabacoa, while another surprised citizen said that the body “is still standing and everything”.

«Intact skin, incredible as if the years had not passed,» intervened a third. This incident shocked the public, who did not believe what their eyes were seeing. She looked like a mummy, similar to those found in Egypt and Guanajuato, Mexico, as well as in many other countries. Filed Under: Grandma Corpse


dead street Dominican Republic
Photo Twitter

However, not everyone thought this was a good idea, since they criticized the fact that the family didn’t let her rest in peace: “Now let poor grandmother rest, wow, but what need did they have to take it out?” someone remarked. «They don’t even let the dead rest in peace anymore.»

Be as it may, this incident sparked controversy in the town. But what do you think? So far the family has not explained why they exhumed their grandmother. It is not an easy process, permits are required and a reason to do it with expert personnel in the matter. With information from New York Post, Meganoticias and La Prensa. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Grandma Corpse

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