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Controversy in Argentina! Soccer fans fight each other

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Soccer fans fight each other (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Controversy in Argentina after confrontation between fans.
  • Fluminense and Boca Junior faced each other in the final of the Copa Libertadores.
  • There were children involved in this unfortunate event.

Football has always been a sport of strong emotions.

The final match between Fluminense and Boca Juniors caused great discontent for Argentines.

In the last few hours a video has gone viral where you can see some fans arguing.

The argument escalated to the point where fans began fighting among themselves.

A zafarrancho is the subject of controversy in Argentina

provocation, football, tragic, fight, battle
screenshot via MundoNow

In the video you can see a man provoking another in a subway.

He approached him and began to push him, then the attacked person responded and that lead to an unfortunate episode.

With children involved, they all participated in a fight at the subway station.

The final outcome of those involved in this situation is unknown at this time.

This was not the only fateful episode

Argentina, Controversy, Children, Infants, Fantastic
screenshot via MundoNow

Boca Juniors’ defeat was a low blow for many fans who made sacrifices to attend the game.

Like a boy and his father that had to sold their PlayStation and his motorcycle to attend the meeting.

A man who, in his depression over the final result, decided to take his own life also made the news.

One son even gave up the scholarships that a company gave him to go with his father to watch the game.

What happened at the soccer game?

soccer, footballer, fluminense, boca juniors, zafarrancho
photo: ShutterStock

Fluminense faced Boca Juniors in the final of the Copa Libertadores.

With the scores of Germán Cano (Flu) and Luis Advíncula (BJR) the game was tied.

Then in overtime, John Kennedy scored and he was sent off for his controversial celebration and a double warning.

The match culminated with Fluminense taking the crown against a worthy rival, but this was the beginning of several unfortunate events.

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