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Entre Madres y Doctoras: Creating a Meaningful Connection with Your Child

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  • Entre Madres y Doctoras discuss how to create a meaningful and healthy connection with your children.
  • From their early days in life, little ones show signs of a bond between them and their parents.
  • Doctors Evelyn and Edith share some tips for creating this connection.

The relationship between parents and children is one of the most beautiful and meaningful experiences in anyone’s life.

But how do we know if we have established a secure bond with our children? And how can we encourage and strengthen this special bond?

Today, we will explore some telltale signs of a secure attachment and share practical strategies for cultivating it, based on the experiences and advice shared on the Between Mothers and Doctors program.

Hosts Eveyln and Edith Sánchez-Bracho mention that often, we intuit when we have forged a secure bond with our children.

Signs of Connection with Your Children

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We observe their behavior and how they interact with us and the world around them. They point out some signs that indicate you are on the right track:

Seeking Closeness: The doctors highlight that when your children seek to be close to you, want your company, and seek physical contact, it is a clear sign of secure attachment.

This physical proximity is an expression of their trust in you as their safe haven.

Children find in you a safe haven to express their emotions.

There May Be a Hidden Language

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When your children feel comfortable sharing their feelings with you, this is a strong indicator that they have a secure attachment with you.

The hosts also talk about tantrums. Tantrums are sometimes misunderstood, but they can be a form of communication.

When a child feels secure with you, they are more likely to use these emotional outbursts to express what they feel, knowing you are there to help them deal with those emotions.

When you are nearby, your children feel safe and can explore the world with confidence. Your mere presence provides them with security and allows them to be curious and brave. This is crucial for their development.

How to Create a Secure and Healthy Connection with Your Child

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Here are some practical strategies to strengthen the secure attachment with your children:

First, you have to know how to be there for them: being present is necessary. Constant presence is fundamental.

Actively listen to your children, pay attention to their needs, and show genuine interest in their achievements and discoveries. Your emotional availability is an invaluable gift.

Responding to Signals: When your child smiles at you, makes a face, or shows you something they have discovered, respond positively.

Other Ways to Connect

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It Is Necessary to Create Communication Based on Trust: Encourage communication and show that you are willing to share their experiences.

Differentiate the Child from the Behavior: Remember that your child’s behavior does not define who they are.

Instead of criticizing, try to understand what’s behind certain actions and how you can help. This is essential for conscious parenting.

Intention and Consistency: Strengthening secure attachment does not require big sacrifices of time, but intention and consistency.

The Unique Relationship of Parents and Children

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Even small gestures can have a profound impact, like lifting your gaze from the phone for a few seconds to pay attention to your child.

Establishing a secure bond with your children is an invaluable investment in their emotional well-being and development.

Observing the signals, being aware of your role as a parent, and cultivating an environment of trust and love, will help create a unique connection with your children.

With time and dedication, you will see how a secure attachment grows that will benefit your child throughout their life. Entre Madres y Doctoras signs off for now. Time to increase that connection with your children! See you soon!

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