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MundoNOW exlusive: Conexión Divina talks about the docuseries ‘SCENES: Música Mexicana’

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Conexión Divina, SCENES: Música Mexicana'
Conexión Divina talks about Música Mexicana' (Photo: Courtesy SoundCloud)
  • Conexión Divina talks about SCENES: Música Mexicana.
  • A revealing look at the SoundCloud docuseries.
  • Nomination for Lo Nuestro Awards 2024.

The new installment of SCENES highlights the flourishing regional Mexican music scene, introducing up-and-coming new artists.

Liz, Danny and Sandra — members of the first women’s sierreño group, Conexión Divina — share their experience with us.

The most recent installment of the SoundCloud documentary series, SCENES: Música Mexicana, captures their essence.

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Photo: MundoNOW

Presented by Toyota and directed by Elías López-Julián Burgueño, SCENES features Ivan Cornejo, DannyLux, Xavi and Conexión Divina.

Each of them are considered to be at the forefront of this new revolution in the regional genre.

Furthermore, these artists, each in their own way, encapsulate the spirit of Mexican music, a scene that has grown exponentially since 2019.

The creation of this first Latino-focused docuseries on SoundCloud organically aligns with the commitment to supporting emerging artists.

A new project for Conexión Divina

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Photo: Courtesy SoundCloud

Conexión Divina, one of the highlights in the series, shares the group’s experiences and challenges on this exciting musical journey.

In an exclusive interview with MundoNow, members of the group highlighted the importance of the series and its impact on the industry.

«The truth is that we are very happy because we are representing many girls,» revealed Liz, the trio’s vocalist, stating that there are not many women in the genre.

«And being able to be part of this with artists who are very popular today, it is something very beautiful and they are artists that we have always aspired to,» she said.

SoundCloud presents a new episode of their docuseries

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Photo: Courtesy SoundCloud

All the members of Conexión Divina said that they were overcome with emotion the moment they received the news that they would be part of the docuseries.

«They are artists that we admire a lot like Xavi, Ivan Cornejo, DannyLux and the truth is it was an honor for us,» shared Danny, the group’s guitarist.

Furthermore, Sandra said that the artists «are great inspirations for us and thank God we have already met them.»

They also described the rest of the singers on the series as «very humble and very cool» after working with them on SCENES.

Conexión Divina is paving the way for women in the sierreño genre

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Photo: MundoNOW

Sandra revealed that that if they had been told a year ago they’d be participating in the docuseries they would not have believed it since they did not imagine that they would be an inspiration to other artists.

They talked about what they will be doing on the SoundCloud show.

«We talk a lot about what the industry is like and how we are in a genre that is dominated by men,» Liz stressed.

«And we are answering questions about how it feels to be women in the genre, which is something you can see in the docuseries,» the singer shared.

The group faced challenges

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Photo: MundoNOW

One of the challenges that the group faced when making the docuseries was undoubtedly the weather.

«Something that the three of us had to face is that we thought it was going to be hot because the weather looked like it was going to be very bad,» Danny revealed.

«But no, how were we there recording, the truth is we were freezing and the video is curious because it seems like we are outside covering ourselves, but in reality we were very cold,» she said.

«We were in the middle of the desert and we were all changing, first the photos and then I put on like a poncho,» added Liz, the singer.

Conexión Divina is nominated for a Lo Nuestro award

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Photo: MundoNOW

Additionally, this year the girls from Conexión Divina are nominated for a Lo Nuestro award in the Best Newcomer-Regional Mexican Artist category.

The awards ceremony will take place on February 22, but unfortunately the group will not be able to attend.

«The first thing I did was tell my parents because they are always watching, it was very nice,» said Liz.

«In fact we are not going to be at the awards because we are working a lot right now on our music,» revealed the singer. See a video of  SCENES: Música Mexicana HERE.

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