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Profe Claudio Nieto: Compórtate by Robert Sapolsky

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Compórtate, Estetoscopio, Médico, MundoNow, Podcast
Compórtate, Shutterstock
  • Profe Claudio Nieto offers you a brief look at the book Compórtate .
  • This book provides a scientific perspective and explanation of why we are a certain way.
  • The author of this book is Robert Sapolsky.

Professor Claudio Nieto shares with you the summary of the book «Compórtate: la biología que hay detrás de nuestros mejores y peores comportamientos» by Robert Sapolsky.

In this, the intriguing world of how our brain processes emotional and logical responses is explored. First, let’s talk about the interaction between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.

The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for rational decision-making and long-term planning, is in constant interaction with the amygdala, a structure that arouses our most primal emotions and instinctive reactions.

This dynamic relationship between logic and emotion plays a fundamental role in how we respond to various situations in everyday life.

The Amygdala

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The amygdala as an alert system. Often, the amygdala is perceived as the «bad guy» of the story due to its role in intense emotional responses and fear.

However, it is crucial for our survival as it acts as an alert system for potential dangers. This evolutionary function has allowed us to survive as a species.

Nevertheless, when the amygdala is excessively activated due to prolonged stress, it can have negative effects on our mental health, contributing to disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Neurotransmitters and their influence on behavior. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, are chemical messengers that play a fundamental role in communication between neurons.

Behavior Hormones

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These neurotransmitters influence our pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction, which directly affects our behavior and emotional states.

Hormones and behavior. Hormones, such as testosterone and those related to stress, also have a significant impact on our behavior.

Although they are commonly associated with aggression, their relationship with behavior is more complex than previously thought.

These hormones can influence aggression, but also other aspects of human behavior, such as risk-taking and decision-making.

Effect of stress on the body

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Chronic stress and its effects. Chronic stress, an increasingly common problem in modern society, can lead to impulsive decisions and decrease reasoning ability.

Additionally, it is related to social hierarchy and the perception of status, adding additional layers of complexity to its impact on our lives.

Prolonged stress can have detrimental effects on physical and mental health, contributing to a range of diseases and disorders.

The prenatal environment and its influence. The prenatal environment, often underestimated, plays a significant role in shaping our behavior.

Chemical modification

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Experiences and stress during pregnancy can influence the mental and emotional health of offspring, increasing the risk of depression and anxiety in young adults.

This highlights the importance of caring for the emotional and physical health of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Epigenetics and gene expression. The concept of epigenetics highlights how chemical modifications in DNA can activate or deactivate genes without changing their sequence.

Epigenetics shows us that our experiences and environment can leave an imprint on our genetic code, influencing how we behave and respond to different situations. Profe Claudio Nieto thanks you for your attention and hopes that this review of Compórtate by Robert Sapolsky has been to your liking. See you next time!

Profe Claudio Nieto
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