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Comedian and influencer Coco Martínez dies after battling illness

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Comedian Coco Martinez dies, Mourning, Bereavement, Tributes- Muere comediante Coco Martínez, Luto, Duelo, Legado, Tributos
Comedian Coco Martinez dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Comedian Coco Martínez Dies
  • Partner Shares Details on Social Networks
  • Followers Send Condolences

The world of humor and digital entertainment is shocked after the death of a beloved Argentine comedian and influencer was announced.

The news, released last Tuesday, June 11, has caused great sadness among his fans and acquaintances, who have been following his work on social networks for years.

It was Coco Martínez’s partner, the deceased comedian, who posted a video sharing the details of the comedian’s death.

Through the official account of the influencer on Instagram, the recording was posted as a story, which is no longer available.

Influencer Coco Martínez Passes Away

Influencer, Social Networks, Death, Mourning, Comedian Coco Mártínez dies
Comedian Coco Martínez Dies -Photo: Shutterstock

«I didn’t want to go without stopping by to talk to you and to immensely thank you all for the support and good energy,» said Coco Martínez’s partner.

«All the messages of love you sent to Coco during this time have been very important for us,” she added.

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«This is the hardest video I have ever had to make in my life,» the woman acknowledged with tears in her eyes.

«I think you deserve to know and that he would have wanted you to know so you can join us in respecting the pain we are all experiencing,» she remarked.

«Coquito has passed away. I don’t want to go into the details really because he was always a very private person,» Coco Martínez’s partner added.

«What I do want you to know is that he was hospitalized, they did everything possible to help him,» she concluded in the video she uploaded as a story.

But that wasn’t all, the girl also placed a post on the influencer’s feed, accompanied by a picture of him and his cat.

«I’m not going to put dates because he was very coquettish and let’s not even talk about age. Eternal Coquito,» his partner wrote in the moving message.

«Thank you for everything you gave us. We love you forever. Thank you for making me happy every day,» ends the post.

After confirming the death, the comedian’s girlfriend shared more details about Coco Martínez’s last moments.

«At one point he had a generalized infection, with his whole body very demanded and very ill,» she explained according to ‘La Nación’.

«Really, if he had overcome this horrible situation he was in, the consequences of such a situation are very serious,» she continued.

Coco’s partner also mentioned that the comedian was phobic about doctors and very suspicious of having medical checks.

«He had a dengue episode, which ultimately was not confirmed,» the partner pointed out according to the previously cited media.

«All this was due to some intestinal problems he had been dragging for a long time, but he didn’t know it. His body did not show it,» she concluded according to ‘La Nación‘.

Followers and colleagues of Coco Martínez flooded social networks with farewell messages and tributes.

Condolences on Social Networks

Condolences, Tributes, Death, Impact, News
Photo: Screenshot IG Coco Martínez

Many of them went to the post the comedian’s partner placed to leave messages of last goodbye and resignation to the family.

«I can’t believe it. Thank you for the smiles you brought us all, Coco. Fly high,» «I was waiting for a story from him every day,» it reads.

«Rest in peace always Coco, thanks for all the laughs», «Much strength to the family», «My deepest condolences», «Hugging the whole family and loved ones tightly,» they said.

Coco Martínez’s life and legacy will be remembered by all those who found a reason to smile in his humor.

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