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Soccer player Liss Hernández dies at the age of 29 after a terrible accident

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  • The world of soccer is in mourning.
  • Colombian player Liss Hernández died after a terrible accident.
  • What happened?

Soccer player Liss Hernández dies. The world of football is in mourning for the tragic death of an athlete, who lost her life after a terrible accident. This is the 29-year-old Colombian player and model, Liss Estefanía Pareja Hernández.

The death of the young soccer player, who stood out on the field and on the catwalk, has been confirmed on social media. She was reportedly badly burned in an accident with a heater in her home.

Colombian soccer player Liss Hernández has fatal accident

Hispanic soccer player suffers fatal accident

According to reports, Liss had a terrible accident involving a heater in her home. Paramedics immediately arrived to treat her. And, although she was rushed to the hospital, in the end they were unable to save her life.

Her death was confirmed on April 28, after she suffered burns on 95 percent of her body. After hearing the terrible news, internet users offered their condolences.

Liss Hernández’s heater explodes

Liss Hernández's chimney explodes

Liss was part of the Las Divas team in Colombia. After the accident the young woman was transferred to the San Vicente Fundación hospital in Medellín. She was hospitalized there for two weeks, with burns over 95 percent of her body, according to Medio Tiempo.

Las Divas shared news of her death on social media and posted an emotional farewell for one of its players who stood out on and off the field. They shared a video of her playing soccer.

Las Divas says good bye to Liss

Her club fires her

On Instagram Las Divas team wrote: “When the people we love leave… They go from living among us to… Living in us. Forever in our Divas soccer family, Liss Hernández. Rest in peace.”

«You are one more angel who is taking care of us, we love you my warrior.» «Just because you are not here now, does not mean that you are in the presence of all those who remember you in life today. That visible body that sweated and left the best of itself on the pitch is gone, but that living memory of what she was in life remains in the heart and mind and that will always keep her present,” wrote some users.

How did the accident happen?

What happened?

According to some Colombian media reports, the soccer player was enjoying an evening with her boyfriend. They were in front of a portable ethanol heater when it went out so she went to get more fuel.

When she put the fuel in, the device exploded, causing severe injuries to most of her body. According to the Envigado Fire Department (Antioquia department): «The young woman took a container with more alcohol to replenish» the device, an action that cost her her life. «The authorities stated that there were still some embers in it and there was a flash, which is a reaction of the fuel, and that caused the explosion.»

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