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Coco Levy confirms that Talina Fernández’s family faces a new loss

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Coco Levy confirms death (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Once again, mourning for Talina Fernández’s family.
  • Coco Levy shares the loss.
  • Carrillo leaves a mark on the family.

Talina Fernández’s family is once again in mourning, less than a year after her passing, her loved ones are facing another loss.

Her son, Coco Levy, took it upon himself to share the devastating news of the current suffering the family is going through.

The son of the actress and journalist confirmed the passing of one of the family members after months of difficulty among them.

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Loss in the family of Talina Fernández

Coco Levy on Fernando Carrillo, Talina Fernández, Death, Mexico, Fernando Carrillo
Coco Levy sobre Fernando Carrillo: Confirma muerte FOTO Mezcalent

The family of the renowned Mexican journalist Talina Fernández is once again facing sadness and grief with the recent loss of Fernando Carrillo, who was her stepson and half-brother to her children.

Carrillo, 53, left a significant void in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

The news was shared by Coco Levy, visibly moved, who mentioned that Fernando Carrillo had lived with them for two years.

He added that they also suffered the loss of Talina Fernández herself the previous year, adding more sorrow to a family already struck by adversity.

The delicate situation of the family

Coco Levy, Fernando Carrillo, Talina Fernández, Death, Mexico, Patricio Levy
FOTO: Mezcalent

Before the passing of Talina Fernández, the financial challenges her family faced came to light.

This led her children to move to the presenter’s residence to provide support and companionship during difficult times.

However, the tragedy did not cease with the departure of the matriarch, as the health of her son Patricio Levy was also affected.

This forced him to make difficult decisions such as selling family possessions to afford costly medical treatments.

Coco Levy tells the causes of death

Coco Levy, Death of Fernando Carrillo, Talina Fernández, Death, Mexico, Patricio Levy
FOTO Mezcalent

The Levy family has faced a series of challenges in recent years, and Fernando Carrillo’s death adds to this painful chain of events.

According to Coco Levy, Carrillo suffered a heart attack due to a «seizure crisis,» which led to fatal choking.

«These last two years have been really tough. Fernando is a hardworking, responsible 53-year-old guy,» Levy said on Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s YouTube channel.

«Pato, who was so sick, and we had warned all the media about the things that were happening to him, is doing much better now. He feels and looks better every day,» he added.

A deep bond with family

Coco Levy, Death of Fernando Carrillo, Talina Fernández, Mexico, Patricio Levy
FOTO Mezcalent

«Now Pato is on the upswing, but in the most surprising way, the other one, Fernando, passed away,» he commented, reflecting the family’s disbelief and pain at this new loss.

Fernando Carrillo, son of former politician Alejandro Carrillo and stepson of Talina Fernández following her marriage, left a significant mark on the Levy family.

Although he was not a public figure, his presence and bond with the family were deeply appreciated.

Coco Levy shared that both he and his brother, Patricio Levy, maintained a close relationship with Fernando, who had become an integral part of their inner circle.

New pain after Talina’s departure

Death, Mexico, Patricio, Actress, MundoNOW
FOTO Mezcalent

Fernando Carrillo’s connection with the Levy family dates back to the long union between Talina and Alejandro, who shared more than three decades together before their divorce in 2015.

His departure leaves a void not only in the biological family but also in the network of affections and bonds formed over the years.

In these moments of grief and farewell, the Levy family and those close to Fernando Carrillo find solace in shared memories.

They also find comfort in the legacy of love and unity that will endure despite the adversities. To watch the video, click HERE.

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