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The cleaning products you use could harm your unborn baby

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  • Babies are very fragile.
  • Some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals.
  • Keep your unborn baby safe.

Cleaning products could harm unborn babies. All families begin to prepare when they’re expecting a baby. Mothers tend to focus more on the cleaning the house. Scientists have revealed some cleaning products could affect your unborn baby’s health.

Cleaning products could be harmful to unborn babies, study warns. Mothers will be surprised to learn that the products they often use at home could be harmful to their children. Although they seem harmless, they can cause some allergies as your kids get older.

What is usually bad for unborn babies?

What is usually bad for the baby?
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Disinfectant, a common household product, can be a risk factor for children developing asthma and eczema as toddlers. Research published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine analyzed thousands of mothers and their children.

Research published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine looked at thousands of mother-child pairs. The scientists investigated whether a mother’s exposure to disinfectants while working was linked to an increase in diagnoses in her children when they were three years old. Filed Under: cleaning products harm baby

Disinfectant causes asthma

Disinfectant causes asthma

According to The Sun, in this same study, the scientists discovered that the likelihood that the children would develop asthma or eczema was much higher if mothers used the cleanser one to six times a week. Those who never used disinfectants had a much lower risk.

This study found that pregnant women who use disinfectants may be at greater risk of their children developing asthma and eczema, since they breathe in the chemical and it can be harmful to the unborn baby. That is why they warn against using products containing disinfectant while pregnant. Filed Under: cleaning products harm baby

Other effects of disinfectants

Cleaning products harming the baby: Other causes of this chemical
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Exposure to disinfectants in the workplace has previously been linked to asthma and dermatitis but few studies have looked at the risks during pregnancy.

The authors wrote: “Our findings indicate that exposure [to disinfectants] during pregnancy exerts an effect on allergies in offspring regardless of whether the mother returns to work when the child is 1 year old, and suggest an effect by exposure during pregnancy alone.” Filed Under: cleaning products harm baby

Why is disinfectant bad?

Cleaning products harming babies: Why is disinfectant bad?
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The problem with disinfectants is that they affect the intestinal and skin microflora of the mother and therefore the child’s as well. The children of mothers who use disinfectant more frequently are more likely to be diagnosed with these conditions due to the frequency with which it is used.

There is no cure for conditions like asthma, but sometimes people go for long periods without suffering from an attack. People living with a skin condition find treatments and learning what triggers their flare-ups can also improve them over time. Filed Under: cleaning products harm baby

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