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Chuy Montana made a mistake that may have cost his life

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Chuy Montana's 'mistake', singer, murder, death
Chuy Montana was murdered (Photo: Instagram: chuymontana/Shutterstock)
  • Singer Chuy Montana was murdered in Tijuana.
  • What was the mistake that may have cost his life?
  • There are different stories about his death.

Mexican corridos tumbados singer Chuy Montana was murdered on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 7, on a highway in the border city of Tijuana in northwest Mexico.

This was confirmed on Thursday, February 8, by his label Street Mob Records.

The terrible news has been making media headlines due to the chilling details that have been coming to light.

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Street Mob Records released the following on social media: “On behalf of Street Mob Record, we deeply regret the passing of our colleague and brother Chuy Montana.»

«We stand in solidarity with his family during this time of pain,» the short statement concluded.

Several different stories about what happened to the young singer was like have come to light in the last few hours.

Some say the corridos tumbados singer made a mistake that cost him his life.

Did Chuy Montana make a deadly mistake?

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PHOTO: Getty Images

According to Las Estrellas, it was suggested that Chuy Montana was kidnapped by a group of men.

Presumably, the singer managed to throw himself out of his captors’ moving vehicle in an attempt to escape.

This allegedly angered his kidnappers, who killed him for trying to jump out of the vehicle.

It should be noted that this is only a theory and his not been confirmed, according to Las Estrellas.

Chuy Montana was murdered in Tijuana

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PHOTO Getty Images

The singer was riding in an orange 2017 Renault Stepway and his body was found with handcuffs around on his wrists.

Cinco News tweeted that the singer made a fatal error.

However, if the singer really did this, there is speculation that he did it in a desperate attempt to save his life.

Jesús Nolberto began his career on the street, singing at the border crossing with the United States at the San Ysidro checkpoint in Tijuana.

Do corridos tumbados risk their lives?

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PHOTO: Instagram/Chuymontana_

It was there that he met Jesús Ortiz, a vocalist for the successful regional Mexican group Fuerza Regida, who promoted his career.

EFE reported that the young man recorded several songs such as ‘Porte de Scarface,’ ‘Ramos Buchones’ and ‘Qué bendición’ with the help of Jesús Ortiz.

Another mistake the singer may have made was supposedly dedicated songs to drug trafficking, like other singers of the genre.

Several singers have been threatened by criminal groups for making reference to drug trafficking in their songs.

Threats to corridos tumbados singers

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 PHOTO: Meznivel

This is the case with Fuerza Regida and Peso Pluma, who have allegedly been threatened by criminal groups before.

However, infobae indicated that Chuy Montana’s songs don’t refer to any particular criminal organization as being superior.

Peso Pluma, on the other hand, has songs that favor the Sinaloa Cartel.

Natanael Cano is another example, as he dedicated the song ‘Lou Lou’ to El Mencho and his cartel.

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