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They leak an alleged song by Chuy Montana dedicated to his mother

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Chuy Montana song is leaked (Photo: Instagram Chuy Montana)
  • The singer could have written it for his mother
  • They leak verses from the song
  • It moves his followers

The sad death of Chuy Montana, a performer of regional Mexican music, has plunged the national artistic environment into consternation.

The 19-year-old young man was discovered dead and with obvious signs of violence on February 7 on the side of the Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito free highway.

According to first reports, he was a victim of kidnapping and later murder at the hands of organized crime.

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This tragic event has generated a wave of concern and shock in the artistic community, which deeply regrets the loss of a promising talent.

Authorities are carrying out a thorough investigation to clarify the details and bring those responsible to justice.

The news has deeply impacted the music industry, since Cárdenas Velázquez had high expectations for his career after this important agreement.

His sudden departure leaves a void in the art scene and his colleagues and followers mourn this loss.

Did he write a song before he died?

Chuy Montana, singer corridos tumbados, murder, MundoNOW
Chuy Montana song leaked PHOTO: Getty Images

After Chuy Montana’s death, a song circulated on TikTok, supposedly composed by him as an apology to his mother for his excesses.

This phenomenon has generated a great stir on social media, where users express their shock and sadness at the situation.

The song, which quickly went viral, has touched the hearts of many, who find in its lyrics a reflection of personal struggles and universal regrets.

The impact of this piece of music demonstrates the power of art to emotionally connect people in moments of pain and reflection.

Dedicates words to his mother

consternation, violence, Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito, kidnapping, mundonow
Chuy Montana song leaked PHOTO: Shutterstock

After the singer’s death, the leaked song shows Chuy Montana apologizing to his mother for his excesses.

This message has resonated deeply with the artist’s fans, who have expressed their grief and empathy through comments and messages of support online.

The song, with its emotional lyrics, offers a glimpse into the singer’s personal dilemmas and regrets, creating a unique connection with those who listen to it.

This massive reaction highlights the lasting impact Chuy Montana’s music has had on his audience.

Reflections after the death of Chuy Montana

murder, organized crime, concern, mundonow
Chuy Montana song leaked PHOTO: Shutterstock

The song, which apparently lacked a name, also addresses a somber topic, mentioning a body in a «soaked red puddle,» clearly alluding to blood.

This verse has sparked a strong connection between users and the tragic death of Chuy Montana.

The song has led to speculations and reflections on social media, where followers seek to understand its meaning after the premature death of the singer.

The evocative power of music has led to deep introspection about life and mortality.

The lyrics

cárdenas Velázquez, empty, departure, colleagues, singer, mundonow
Chuy Montana song leaked PHOTO: Shutterstock

«Sorry mom, I wasn’t what you wanted, I know that right now you feel sad, my body was lying there,» says part of the lyrics.

«And in a soaked red puddle, I got carried away by crazy life, money, women and LV bags,» he continues.

«And no, don’t tell me that this is life, just to live better and if this is how it ends I’d rather not,» he wrote.

«I am a good boy who changed his world, one for drugs and alcohol. Weapons and also shelter,” says the lyrics of the song that was leaked on social media. WATCH VIDEO OF THE SONG LYRICS HERE.

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