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Mexican singer Chuy Montana is executed on the side of the road in Tijuana

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Chuy Montana is executed, Authorities, Reactions, MundoNow, News
Chuy Montana is executed (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • The singer Chuy Montana is executed.
  • Witnesses recount details of the crime.
  • Authorities are investigating the incident.

In an unfortunate event, the singer Jesús Nolberto Cárdenas Velázquez, known as ‘Chuy’ Montana, was shot to death.

According to eyewitnesses, Cárdenas was found with his hands handcuffed and multiple blows to the lower back on the right side.

The crime took place on the afternoon of last Wednesday, February 7, on the Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito free highway, near the town of La Gloria.

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Photo: MundoNOW

Witnesses reported that attackers took him out of a copper-colored Renault Stepway car with Mexican license plates AUF616A.

After he was out of the car, they began shooting at him and then fled, leaving the vehicle still running at the scene.

The authorities continue to carry out the corresponding investigations to quickly find the whereabouts of those responsible.

So far, no reports have been given about possible suspects, but it is believed that it could have been an alleged ‘settling of scores’.

Chuy Montana is executed

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Photo: Shutterstock

Although authorities have not yet confirmed witness accounts, details are expected to come to light as investigations progress.

Meanwhile, condolences began to circulate through social media for the family and loved ones of the corridos tumbados singer.

The record label owned by Jesús Ortiz, leader and vocalist of the group Fuerza Regida, expressed its condolences after the news of ‘Chuy’s death.

«On behalf of Street Mob Records we deeply regret the passing of our colleague and brother Chuy Montana,» they wrote.

Execution after kidnapping in Tijuana

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Photo: Shutterstock

«We stand in solidarity with his family in this moment of pain,» is how he ends his message that was published on his official Instagram account.

The tragic event occurred days after ‘Chuy’ Montana received his first opportunity to record with a record label.

Hours before his death, members of organized crime had allegedly kidnapped Jesús Cárdenas, the artist’s real name.

According to the ‘Milenio’ portal, his body was found in the vicinity of the Cuesta Blanca trail, in Tijuana.

Profile and career of ‘Chuy’ Montana

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They execute the corridos tumbados singer Chuy Montana-Photo: Shutterstock

Jesús Cárdenas became known for playing his songs at the San Ysidro border crossing, on the borders of San Diego and Tijuana.

Jesús Ortiz, vocalist of Fuerza Regida, discovered Jesús Cárdenas and, convinced of his talent, invited him to be part of his record label and artistic representation.

With more than 800 thousand listeners on Spotify, ‘Chuy»s most popular songs include: «Ramos Buchones», «Porte de Scarface» and «Polvos Chanel», noted ‘El Heraldo de México’.

The murder of the Mexican singer has shocked the music industry, who express their dismay and solidarity.

Impact on the music industry

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Photo: Screenshot Instagram Chuy Montana

Graphic images of the singer’s lifeless body have begun to circulate online, generating a profound impact on the community and the world of entertainment.

This tragic event highlights the vulnerability of artists and the persistence of violence in certain regions of the Aztec country, according to ‘El Heraldo de México‘.

Remembering the importance of security and the protection of those who contribute to cultural enrichment through their art, he detailed ‘Milenio‘.

The loss of ‘Chuy’ Montana leaves a void in the musical scene while his followers lament the premature departure of an emerging talent. HERE some photos.

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