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Chronicle: Rigoberto García Blanco does not state the motive for a murder

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Foto: Departamento de Policía Metropolitana de Nashville.
  • Rigoberto García Blanco, 53, is charged in Nashville, Tennessee, with the knife murder of a man.
  • «Whatever happened here today, know that I had my reasons,» Garcia Blanco said when the police arrested him.
  • The crime is a mystery because the detainee refuses to reveal the motive for the murder and his relationship with the victim.

Rigoberto García Blanco was arrested in Tennessee,

accused of stabbing murder from another man for unknown reasons.

In the chronicle that you are about to read the details are contained in the legal documents of the case according to the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department (MNPD, for its acronym in English).

At 40 minutes past midnight on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, a group of neighbors called the MNPD emergency number to report a seriously injured man.

The report came from the suburb of Hermitage, east of Nashville, in a wooded area with few houses. Neighbors told authorities that a man was bleeding on the street.

The patrols appeared on Brooke Valley Drive, in the Valley Grove neighborhood, where they found the Hispanic man seriously injured with at least one stab in the neck.

However, before paramedics arrived to help the wounded man, he bled to death in the middle of the street at the sight of troubled neighbors.

The agents then requested the presence of detectives from the MNPD’s Homicide Division to begin the investigations.

The detail that most caught the attention of the agents, when interviewing the neighbors, is that no one knew the man because he apparently did not live in that area.

The agents discovered the presence of the wounded man outside their houses because he himself began to scream and knock on doors crying out for help since he said he was injured.

One of the neighbors assured authorities that he saw the wounded man run out of the house of Rigoberto, a Hispanic neighbor who allegedly lived alone.

Paradoxically, this neighbor Rigoberto was one of the few residents on Brooke Valley Drive who had not come out after seeing the noise with the wounded man and the arrival of the authorities.

The agents went to Rigoberto’s home and who, according to the agents in his arrest warrant, opened them calmly and with several blood stains on his face, hands and clothes.

Surprised, the officers asked Rigoberto if he knew anything about what had happened to the stabbed man who was still lying in the street.

Then, to the surprise of the agents, the man identified himself as Rigoberto García Blanco and told the detectives of the MNPD’s Homicide Division to arrest him.

«What happened here today, know that I had my reasons,» García Blanco told the agents when they questioned him about the motives for the crime while they put handcuffs on him to arrest him.

Rigoberto García Blanco, 53, was taken to the Davidson County Jail on charges of first degree murder.

The crime of which García Blanco is accused still has many mysteries as the man has refused to reveal the motive for the crime, his relationship with the victim and the identity of the deceased. The defendant is still awaiting the first date for his first hearing before a judge.

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