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Chronicle: Georgia man sentenced to 50 years for raping a child

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Sentenced to 50 Years for Incest, Jail chronicle for pervert, prison, USA, police- Crónica cárcel por pervertido, prisión, EEUU, policía
Juan Nazario López sentenced to 50 years for raping a child (Photo: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office)
  • Chronicle: Juan Nazario López is sentenced to 50 years in prison.
  • He was convicted of raping a minor.
  • The victim’s aunt reported him.

Yesterday was a landmark day for justice in Georgia as authorities announced a stiff punishment for a child predator.

Juan Nazario López, 53, was sentenced to serve half a century behind bars for raping an innocent child.

The investigation into this terrible incident began on April 16, 2023, after the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was alerted.

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Juan Nazario López was arrested last year

Jail chronicle for pervert, prison, incest, crime, Sentenced to 50 Years for Incest, Juan Nazario López
Photo: Shutterstock via MundoNOW Archive

A woman called the police to report that her brother had sexually assaulted her niece.

Upon receiving the a complaint, detectives conducted a thorough investigation. They first interrogated Juan privately.

Despite his attempts to deceive them with various alibis and arguments, police arrested him.

Subsequently, they gathered as much evidence against him as possible and officially charged him.

Georgia prosecutors had plenty of evidence

justice, victim, perpetrator, attack, sexual
Photo: Shutterstock via MundoNOW Archive

His trial was held in the middle of last month, exactly one year after his arrest.

Both police investigators and prosecutors presented a plethora of evidence at the trial.

They also heard from 11 witnesses, including police officers, forensic doctors, experts in child sexual abuse dynamics, the young victim, and her little brother.

Thanks to this, Juan Juan Nazario López was found guilty of raping a minor, after a four-day trial and an additional 24 hours of jury deliberation.

He is sentenced to 50 years behind bars

Jail chronicle for pervert, prison, incest, crime, crime
Photo: Shutterstock via MundoNOW Archive

Yesterday, a new hearing took place where the judge issued his sentence, which he deemed to be the fairest punishment for the defendant.

For committing rape, incest, aggravated child abuse and indecently touching the girl, Juan received a 50-year prison term.

The judge also ruled that the accused did not deserve any parole, effectively closing any possibility of early release.

While it may not be Christian to rejoice over another’s misfortune, it is arguably necessary to keep pedophiles like Juan away from children.

Praise for the brave aunt

Jail chronicle for pervert, prison, incest, crime, Juan Nazario López
Juan Nazario López / PHOTO: Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

Praise is also due to the woman who reported Nazario López despite being his relative, she chose to defend the innocent victim who came to her for help.

Child sexual abuse is a scourge that must be stopped, and this is only possible by harshly punishing those responsible.

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