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Chronicle: Cristo Jesus gets angry and kills his roommate

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  • Cristo Jesus lost his temper and killed his roommate.
  • After the crime, the police issued an arrest warrant.
  • Fortunately, he was captured shortly after in a parking lot.

Not being able to control yourself in a moment of anger can destroy lives and Cristo Jesus Rodríguez is one example. He has just been arrested for murder in Texas. The victim in that case was not a stranger, since he lived with his alleged killer.

The authorities of Austin, Texas shared a photograph of the accused on social media. They included a brief description of what they believe happened on the morning of August 1 in a quiet neighborhood when George Kenneth Emery lost his life.

Cristo Jesus killed his roommate with his own fists

Chronicle Christ Jesus kills
Cristo Jesus Rodriguez (Austin Police Department)

It is unknown how strong Cristo Jesus is but, according to police, he was so furious that he was able to kill poor George with his bare hands. George Emery did everything he could to defend himself but, in the end, he was not able to fend off his attacker.

George Emery was brutally beaten in the head and face. “Our officers went to the house after being alerted about a fight between two roommates. Upon arrival, they found the victim unconscious on the floor, as he had severe injuries to various parts of his body,» Austin police said on its Facebook page. Filed Under: Chronicle Christ Jesus kills

George died at the scene

Chronicle Christ Jesus kills
Photo: File/MN

The agency revealed in their post that George sadly did not survive. In fact, he died right there, on the spot, after being savagely beaten by Cristo Jesus. The injuries to his head, arms and hands were clear evidence that he put up a fight.

The investigators managed to determine that it all started with a verbal argument between the two men, which escalated into a physical struggle. Within seconds, the altercation turned extremely violent as Cristo Jesus lost control of himself and began beating George mercilessly. Filed Under: Chronicle Christ Jesus kills

Jesus fled in a white van

Chronicle Christ Jesus kills
Austin Police Department

Court records indicate that when George became unresponsive, Cristo Jesus stopped beating him, got up, took some of his belongings, including the keys to his white Chevy Suburban, and fled, leaving his ex-friend to bleed to death.

Police immediately issued an arrest warrant against  and the next day, they managed to locate him sleeping inside his car in the parking lot of a shopping center. If he is guilty of this terrible crime, this young man, barely 24 years old, has already thrown his life away and the worst thing is that he also cut short another man’s life. And all for not having been able to settle their differences as civilized people . Thanks for reading my story today at MundoNOW Until next time. Filed Under: Chronicle Christ Jesus kills

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