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Chronicle: Honduran man arrested for cashing fake checks

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Honduran chronicle of fake checks, crime, fraud, fraud, security- Crónica hondureño cheques falsos, delito, fraude, farsante, seguridad
Christopher Flores was arrested (PHOTO: Vanderburgh County Jail)
  • Christopher Flores was arrested in Indiana.
  • He was cashing fake checks.
  • How much did he steal?

Some people think they can outsmart everyone, assuming that because they get away with something once, they always will.

Today, I want to discuss the case of a Hispanic individual who was recently arrested in Indiana.

Cristopher E. Flores cleverly managed to deceive many stores and businesses not only in that state but apparently in others as well.

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Cristopher Flores was arrested for cashing fake checks

Honduran chronicle of fake checks, crime, fraud, fraud, security, Cristopher Flores Flores
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It is believed that the 27-year-old Honduran man used multiple fake IDs in other people’s names in his crime spree.

According to the Evansville City Police Department, Flores did this at several businesses.

He would present himself  as a hard-working man who needed to cash a check from money he had honestly earned.

But none of that was true. First, he was unemployed, and second, the checks were completely fake.

Did he operate alone or with others?

falsehood, fraud, banknotes, money, crime
PHOTO: Archive/MundoNow

His approach was so convincing that he managed to deceive multiple stores, thus making off with thousands of dollars.

Local authorities arrested him on April 19 after an employee at one of the stores reported him.

It appears the he had cashed a fake check there previously and an employee recognized him and called police.

Christopher Flores was arrested at the scene.

He may be part of a larger network

Honduran chronicle of fake checks, crime, fraud, fraud, security
PHOTO: Shutterstock

He entered the store with another man, but this man was not arrested as both claimed they did not know each other.

No one else was arrested that day for lack of evidence, but Cristopher Flores had incriminating evidence in his possession.

According to the police report, he had an identification from the neighboring state of Illinois with his photo but in the name of Víctor Mariano Díaz.

This is a serious crime in itself, apart from having attempted to cash a fake check, for which he faces severe charges.

He had $4,000 in cash at the time of his arrest

jail, prison, police, bills, crime, Cristopher Flores Flores
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Investigators are now probing whether he belonged to a criminal organization dedicated exclusively to this activity or if he actually operated alone.

Christopher Flores was searched and police found his real passport from Honduras.

He also had several fake checks that he presumably intended to cash that day, which would have allowed him to pocket several thousand dollars.

At the time of his arrest, $4,000 and a smartphone were confiscated from him.

Christopher Flores tried to alter his fingerprints

Honduran chronicle of false checks, crime, fraud, fraud, security Cristopher Flores Flores
PHOTO: Vanderburgh County Jail

But there’s more. Once he was in his cell, guards noticed he was removing something white from his hands, a kind of plastic that turned out to be glue.

Detectives now believe that he was attempting to alter his fingerprints to avoid being linked to other crimes.

It’s believed he was defrauding businesses in Missouri in December of the previous year.

Today he is behind bars facing serious charges of fraud, identity theft and official document forgery, among others. Thank you for reading my Chronicle today on MundoNow.

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