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Chronicle: Berta was a very hard-working woman

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Chronicle: Berta hard-working woman (Photo: Floyd County Sheriff's Office)
  • Chronicle: Berta was a very hard-working woman
  • Since he came to the US he has never been in vain
  • But in her desire to work hard, she made a mistake.

When Berta Lisbet Chun Vásquez emigrated from her native land of Guatemala to the United States a couple of decades ago, she had a single goal in mind.

She was determined to achieve the ‘American dream’ at all costs by working hard, so that neither she nor her family would ever lack anything again.

However, upon arriving in Georgia after overcoming all the obstacles of that long journey, she encountered a harsh reality.

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Berta Lisbet Chun Vásquez chose to take an alternative, but dangerous route

handcuffs, handcuffed woman, arrest, Police, MundoNOW
Chronicle Berta was a working woman / PHOTO: Shutterstock

Berta realized that accessing decent work with fair pay was not as easy as she had thought due to her lack of legal status in the country.

Faced with limited opportunities, the Central American woman made the drastic decision to use someone else’s identity to be able to work legally.

For over 14 years, since 2010, she performed various tasks for several local companies, all using data that did not belong to her.

Thanks to this, she was never without a job during all that time. She worked so hard that she barely took a few days off each year to rest.

Berta fared relatively well in that regard, to the point where she even had health and life insurance, benefits that few undocumented individuals can access.

But the truth came out

arrest, arrested woman, prison, jail, MundoNOW
PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

Until, in March 2023, exactly one year ago, another Hispanic woman from Georgia, whose identity has not been revealed, had a bitter experience.

When she attempted to carry out a financial transaction, she discovered that someone else was using her data without her consent.

Without hesitating for a single second, she turned to state authorities to file a report and request a thorough investigation.

Detectives concluded that the person who had usurped the victim’s identity was none other than Berta.

The suspect was located in Floyd

bars, woman behind bars, bars, prison, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

When they began to track down the alleged impostor, they discovered that she was living and working in Floyd County.

An arrest warrant was immediately issued against her. Deputies from the local Sheriff’s Office located and arrested her without incident.

The woman is accused of lying to obtain jobs, providing a Social Security number, among other fraudulent information, to various potential employers since 2010.

It is even believed that she managed to deceive the state agency DDS (Department of Driver Services) when she was obtaining insurance.

Berta Lisbet Chun Vásquez could face several years in prison

Chronicle Berta working woman, Berta Lisbet Chun Vásquez, safe fraud, undocumented, MundoNOW
Chronicle Berta was a working woman / PHOTO: Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

Berta was formally charged last Tuesday with first-degree forgery and aggravated identity fraud.

Investigations are underway to determine if she obtained credits or other legal benefits with the stolen data, but so far, they only have evidence against her regarding the jobs.

If found guilty of the serious charges against her, she could spend over a decade behind bars.

And all for wanting to have good jobs knowing she lacked proper documentation. Let’s learn from others’ mistakes.

Thank you for reading my chronicle today on MundoNOW. Please share it, and until next time.

Berta was formally charged last Tuesday with first-degree forgery and aggravated identity fraud.

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