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Does Christian Nodal hate Lupillo? The singer is pushing for Maripily to win ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Christian Nodal, Lupillo, Maripily Rivera
Christian Nodal supports Maripily to win LCDLF (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Christian Nodal supports Maripily to win LCDLF.
  • Was Lupillo Rivera angry?
  • The grand finale of La Casa de los Famosos.

La Casa de los Famosos 4 comes to an end and the finalists have gotten support from celebrities, including Christian Nodal.

And at Sunday’s gala, Aleska, Lupillo, Maripily, Geraldine, Alana and Romeh received an unexpected video with messages from celebrities.

Stars like Anuel, Mariana Torres, Ramón Ayala, Rommel Pacheco, Gente de Zona and Olga Tañón were among them, but the real surprise was Christian Nodal.

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The houseguests got messages from celebrities

Christian Nodal, Maripily Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Instagram / Chamonic3

The houseguests on La Casa de los Famosos were surprised to see their fellow celebrities supporting them, but no one expected what Christian Nodal would say.

On one occasion, Maripily Rivera compared Lupillo’s voice with Nodal’s, saying that Nodal was a better singer.

It seems that the houseguests listened to his music.

And, in the video message from Sunday’s gala, he appeared with an unexpected message for Maripily.

Christian Nodal supports Maripily Rivera

support, reality, show, telemundo, singer
Photo: Instagram / Chamonic3

Totally excited and surprised to see him on screen, Maripily Rivera jumped up when Christian Nodal gave her his full support.

Before the camera focused on the businesswoman, Lupillo Rivera also looked surprised… could it be that he was hurt by Nodal’s comments?

«Maripily, my love, I’m waiting for you in Puerto Rico, all my people are voting for Maripily, call…» said Christian Nodal, who naturally does not watch the show.

Maripily responded by shouting, “Ayyyy no! Wow!»

Which of the Riveras will win La Casa de los Famosos?

The house of the famous, Maripily, Lupillo, Christian Nodal, celebrities

After four long months on Monday, May 20, the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos finally comes to an end.

The reality show was mired in controversy all season due to the scandals over the voluntary departures of Thalí García, Gregoria Pernia and La Divaza.

Carlos Gómez was also asked to leave after hitting Rodrigo Romeh.

Among the favorites to win are Lupillo Rivera and Maripily Rivera, who have had a rivalry from the beginning and will now compete for one of the top three spots. See the video where Christian Nodal supports Maripily HERE.

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