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Christian Nodal covers his Belinda face tattoo (PHOTO)

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Christian Nodal boda Cazzu
  • Some say that Christian Nodal has covered his Belinda tattoo.
  • A photographer took a picture of the singer’s face and Belinda’s name no longer appears on it.
  • Apparently the photo was taken at a concert in Costa Rica.

Images of singer Christian Nodal’s face without Belinda’s name tattooed on it are circulating on social media. According to different news sites, such as Excelsior, and an image shared by journalist David Chacón, he replaced it with the symbols of the suits in a deck of playing cards.

So far, the singer has not confirmed nor denied anything about the tattoo. However, the images speak for themselves and everything seems to indicate that the romance is over. There’s little hope for «Nodeli» fans that the couple could get back together.


Christian Nodal tattoo Belinda
photo youtube

As you may remember, the regional Mexican singer confirmed his breakup with the Sapito singer a few days ago on social media. He explained that they were going their separate ways. «To all my fans and friends in the press, I want to inform you that we have decided to end our engagement and our relationship as a couple.»

Many sites immediately began to share these statements and soon it became a trending topic. However, Belinda didn’t appear publicly until a few days ago to make statements about the breakup. She told everyone that this “hurts me a lot.” To see the video click here.


delete singer name
Photo Reforma Agency

So far, the regional artist has not made any comments about this but the images seem to confirm the inevitable. This also happened to Lupillo Rivera, who tattooed this partner’s face on his arm and removed it after they broke up.

This is not the first time that one of Belinda’s partners has done the same thing. In fact, it has even been said that it is a kind of ‘modus operandi’ for her when she is in a romantic relationship, especially with another celebrity. Filed Under: Christian Nodal Tattoo Belinda


Nodeli engagement marriage
instagram photo

In the the image that shocked everyone, it can be seen that on the right side of Nodal’s face, near his ear, the singer no longer has the name ‘Beli’. Instead he has symbols of the suits of a deck of cards: spade, diamond, heart and club. It’s the same number as the letters of his ex-girlfriend’s name.

With this it’s clear that their relationship is over and that they won’t be getting back together. This also ends any hope fans had that they would be together again after their engagement.. Filed Under: Christian Nodal Tattoo Belinda

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