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IT’S OVER! Christian Nodal and Cazzu confirm their split (PHOTOS)

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Nodal and Cazzu split (Photo: Mezcalent
  • Christian Nodal and Cazzu split.
  • They were together for 2 years.
  • They have an 8-month-old baby.

After two years together, on Wednesday Christian Nodal and Cazzu confirmed their split.

After their daughter Inti turned 8 months old, news of the famous couple’s breakup spread.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu hadn’t been seen together in public for quite a while, fueling speculation.

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Christian Nodal and Cazzu split

Christian Nodal, Cazzu, singers, music, separation
PHOTO: Mezcalo

After speculation about why they haven’t appeared together or interacted on social media recently, Cazzu and Christian Nodal finally confirmed the breakup.

Nodal shared an Instagram story saying that he and Cazzu had split.

“The time has come to share that Julieta and I are going our separate ways,” the Mexican singer began.

He continued: “Our love and respect for each other remains strong, especially in our role as parents to our wonderful daughter, Inti.”

Nodal confirms that it is an amicable split

separation, breakup, music, famous, celebrities
Photo: Instagram / Christian Nodal

Unlike what happened with Belinda, it seems that this breakup is amicable.

“I am deeply grateful for the moments we shared and I will always carry those memories fondly. I appreciate your support and understanding during this time of change,” he concluded.

As the surprising news spread, Cazzu also appeared online, first reposting Christian Nodal’s post and then sending her own message.

It should be noted that in a recent concert Cazzu had attracted attention with the phrase «everything was screwed,» in possible allusion to her romance with her daughter’s father.

What did Cazzu say?

Christian Nodal, Cazzu, dating, celebrities, entertainment
Photo: Instagram / Cazzu

Cazzu posted the following: “Artists are a screen of what happens in real life.”

“You go through love, heartbreak, successes and mistakes with us,” she said.

But she was not clear in her position regarding Christian Nodal: “Today, as many times it was and as there are still many, they are with us.”

And she concluded: “Some with hatred and others with a lot of love. Thank you, everything heals.”

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