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Chiquis sends a surprising message and explodes: «What a disappointment»

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Chiquis' video causes a, Woman, Juan, MundoNow, News
Chiquis' video causes a stir (PHOTO Mezcalent)
  • Chiquis’ video causes a stir.
  • Chiquis upset by statements.
  • Rivera family faces legal process.

Through social media, a video of Chiquis, the oldest daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, has generated a stir among her followers.

In it, Chiquis is visibly upset by a recent situation that has come to her attention, and has decided to share her opinion about it with her followers.

The singer used her online platforms to express her disappointment at a narrative she considers unfair and harmful.

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«This morning I saw and heard something very ugly, something very ridiculous, but it doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately nothing surprises me anymore,» Chiquis said in the video.

«My blood pressure decreased, because I said ‘how can they say something like that? One should not play with those topics’ and I said ‘okay, I got angry’,» she added, visibly affected.

Chiquis ended her message with a tone of hope, assuring that «everything will be fine, everything is always fine, God takes care of everything and everyone.»

However, she could not help but express: «what a disappointment, what a shame,» given the situation that has led her to vent publicly.

Chiquis’ video causes a stir

Chiquis Rivera expresses discontent, Chiquis, Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family,
Chiquis Rivera expresses discontent PHOTO Mezcalent

The comments on the publication suggest that Chiquis’ annoyance is related to statements made by her uncle Juan Rivera.

It is speculated that it refers to what Juan Rivera would have said to Gustavo Adolfo Infante about alleged messages in which Jenni Rivera expressed herself unfavorably about Chiquis.

«She said this due to the ‘supposed’ messages that Juan showed Gustavo Adolfo Infante,» «Because of the supposed email that Juan showed to a journalist,» they commented.

«I believe this is what Gustavo Adolfo Infante said that Juan had taught him ‘something that compromises’ Chiquis,» another person added.

Jenni’s children’s lawsuit

Chiquis Rivera, Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family, Jacqie Rivera
Chiquis Rivera expresses discontent PHOTO Getty Images

The Rivera family is immersed in a legal process, with the singer’s children suing their grandfather.

Although no additional details have been revealed about the lawsuit or its current status, both Juan and Rosie Rivera are willing to defend Don Pedro Rivera in this situation.

It was through Imagen’s entertainment program, ‘De Primera Mano’, that Juan Rivera touched on the subject of the lawsuit with Jenni Rivera’s children.

«I don’t want to cause harm to anyone, but if it comes to defending my dad, I’m going to do it in the best way possible, whatever it has to be,» Juan said.

Conversation between Chiquis and Jenni

Chiquis Rivera, Juan Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family, Don Pedro Rivera
PHOTO Getty Images

In the same program, mention was made of an alleged conversation between Jenni and Chiquis from 2010, in which they supposedly talked about Juan and his family.

«One thing that bothers me about people is when they start saying I do this, I do that, I achieved this for you, they don’t do it for free, to be nice,» they quoted.

«They are called responsibilities and obligations, employment, duties, they make their living doing all this for us,» they concluded the quote from the conversation.

To which Juan Rivera quickly pointed out that it is a conversation that is being manipulated for the social media.

Juan Rivera claims it is manipulated

Singer, lawsuit, messages, Celebrities, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezcalent

«They use that conversation as if they were talking about us», he pointed.

Juan Rivera points out that it is a conversation in which they talk about a cousin of the Riveras who used to work with Jenni and even got her husband a job.

«I think Gustavo has seen conversations from 2012, which are much more interesting than that conversation,» Rivera declared.

«The day Juan brings that conversation to light, I think it will be devastating for someone in the family and it’s not you,» said the journalist. To see the videos click HERE and HERE.

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