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They criticize Chiquis for her tribute to Jenni Rivera at the Latin Billboard

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Chiquis Pays Tribute, Jenny Rivera, Singer, MundoNow, News
Foto: Mezcalent, Chiquis Pays Tribute
  • Chiquis Pays Tribute to Jenni Rivera
  • Criticized for Vocal Ability
  • Emotional Billboard Moment

At the Latin Billboard Awards, Chiquis surprised attendees with a tribute to her mother, Jenni Rivera.

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Photo: MundoNOW

Chiquis, Daughter of «La Diva de la Banda», Often Finds Herself at the Center of Controversy within the Rivera Dynasty.

Chiquis has recently captivated social media with her new image, yet this hasn’t shielded her from criticism regarding her vocal abilities.

Despite possessing a striking physique, numerous individuals suggest that Jenni Rivera’s daughter might consider exploring avenues outside of music.

A stark example was witnessed during the Latin Billboard Awards, where she performed ‘Basta Ya,’ a poignant song originally by the illustrious Jenni Rivera.

Tribute to Jenni Rivera on the Billboards

Jenni Rivera, Controversy, Scandal, Music, Social Networks
Photo: Mezcalo

The flamboyant musical artist, Chiquis, unquestionably stands as one of the most polarizing celebrities in the entertainment world.

While some shower her with praise, others persistently contend that Chiquis wasn’t cut out to follow in her mother’s musical footsteps.

This dichotomy was evident once again after the ‘Queen Bee’ singer took to the stage to pay tribute to Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis crafted an emotional moment on stage, yet was met with a downpour of criticism on social media.

Impressive figure of Chiquis Rivera

Controversy, Famous, Latin Billboard 2023, Celebrities, Shock
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Despite surprising once again with her new physical appearance, Chiquis was not shielded from criticism.

This time, the regional Mexican singer opted to wear her hair down and showcased the most natural makeup.

Behind her, an image of a butterfly illuminated a large screen, a well-known, unique symbol representing Jenni.

This slightly adjusts the structure for smoothness while retaining the original information and intent.

Chiquis Pays Tribute to her mother

Tribute, Songs, Interpretation, Performance, Stage
Photo: Mezcalo

So far, it has garnered over 33 thousand ‘likes’ and has attracted countless comments from internet users.

Many of them pointed out that the daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ should not pursue a career in music.

However, it’s worth noting that for some, this was one of the most emotional moments of the awards night.

This revised passage retains the original content while providing a slightly more polished English language structure and flow.

Commotion during the Latin Billboard

Image, Celebration, Entertainment, Personalities, Chiquis tribute to Jenni Rivera
Photo: Mezcalo

«The tribute to Jenni Rivera from her daughter @Chiquis brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts,» reads the description.

«What a touching and special moment at the #Billboards2023!» Telemundo captioned the video post.

Chiquis caused quite a stir among those present at the Billboards and among the devoted fans of the late singer.

For many, this was a unique moment, as Chiquis wasn’t expected to pay tribute to her mother at this event.

Multiple reactions on social networks

Reactions, Instagram, Viral Video, Comments, Reviews
Chiquis tribute to Jenni Rivera-Photo: Meznivel

Reactions from Internet users immediately appeared in the comments box of the post.

Where most of them assured that Chiquis is not ready to sing, much less to perform songs by Jenni Rivera.

“Oh no, she doesn’t sing well,” “She won’t even come close to Jenni’s talent,” “She sings poorly,” “It would have been better if they hadn’t paid tribute at all,” were among the comments.

«She doesn’t have her mother’s talent,» «Chiquis has a long way to go to be a singer,» «Sorry! But… you can’t sing,» «Her sister sings better,» were also expressed. HERE THE VIDEO.

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