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Chiquis Rivera shows off her curves on social media

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Chiquis' sexy new video (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Chiquis’ sexy new video.
  • Reactions on social media.
  • She’s promoting her new single.

Chiquis Rivera, the renowned singer, and daughter of the iconic Jenni Rivera, has surprised her Instagram followers with a sexy new video.

In the clip, Chiquis is enjoying a party and promoting her new single.

People were quick to share their opinions about how much skin she was showing.

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Chiquis’ sexy new video causes a stir

Chiquis Rivera teaches too much, Chiquis Rivera, Singer, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family
PHOTO: Instagram

In the video Chiquis is surrounded by friends as they dance while her new single plays in the background.

The singer isn’t just dancing, she also teases viewers by pulling down the top of her swimsuit to show off her cleavage.

Although her fans are used to seeing her sexy moves, the video sparked controversy.

Chiquis is promoting her new single, ‘Puro Pinch* Pari.’

Chiquis is promoting her new single

Chiquis Rivera, Singer, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family, Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

With this song she marks her foray into the genre of electrocorridos, a move that promises to captivate her audience with a vibrant and contagious rhythm.

Although the video has sparked controversy, many fans have expressed their support and enthusiasm for hearing the full song.

Still others have criticized Chiquis’ decision to show so much skin.

However, this has not stopped the clip from going viral.

Reactions and comments on social media

Chiquis Rivera, Singer, Jenni Rivera, Rivera Family, Instagram
PHOTO: Instagram

Some of the comments about her appearance were particularly harsh.

“All the cellulite.” “Your Aunt Rosi is hotter.” “The implants just pop and pop.” “I only see gelatin and yogurt,” some people wrote.

«Filters are to blame for showing famous people as perfect, but they escape the filters and we see reality,» another person added.

“What a crappy song.” “She looks like jelly with all that loose flesh.” “She’s a joke,” other users said.

Chiquis continues to surprise her fans

Singer, Instagram, Social networks, video, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Despite the controversy, Chiquis Rivera remains known for her outgoing personality and her unique style.

She continues to surprise her fans with her music and her ability to generate impact in the world of entertainment.

With ‘Puro Pinch* Pari’ the singer promises an exciting new sound for her fans.

To see Chiquis’ sexy new video click HERE.

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