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They claim that Chiquis Rivera secretly married her boyfriend Emilio

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Chiquis Rivera wedding, Singer, Woman, MundoNow, News
Chiquis Rivera's secret wedding (Photo: Getty Images)
  • They claim that Chiquis Rivera had a secret wedding.
  • The singer shared the photos of the alleged ceremony.
  • «Have you gotten married?» they asked him on social media.

Chiquis Rivera is once again in the eye of the controversy, after she shared a couple of photographs where she goes out with her boyfriend Emilio.

The daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ caused a commotion on social media by showing the images of an alleged wedding that would have been ‘secret’.

Through social media, Internet users did not hesitate to question him about this ceremony and its privacy.

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PHOTO MundoNow

On this occasion, the young singer shared a couple of photographs on her social media, where she appears with her boyfriend Emilio, unleashing a wave of speculation about a possible secret wedding.

In the images, Chiquis and Emilio were seen in and inside a car, both wearing white clothes and smiling at the camera.

But what sparked the rumors was the singer’s engagement ring, who did not hesitate to show off the expensive jewelry she was carrying in her hand.

Given the facts, the singer did not hesitate to set off the alerts of her fans due to the phrase she placed as a description. «‘Once upon a time…», she indicated.

Did Chiquis Rivera have a secret wedding?

Chiquis Rivera wedding, La Diva de la Banda, Entertainment, Social Networks, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Through social media, Internet users did not hesitate to comment that everything seemed to indicate that Jenni Rivera’s daughter got married.

The news spread quickly through the digital platform, generating commotion among Chiquis Rivera’s followers.

«Congratulations. I’m glad the wedding was private and quiet,» wrote one of the famous singer’s fans in the comments.

«Did you get married secretly?» Other people expressed doubt. «I think she did it. I’m happy for her,» they said on social media.

Did she confirm the wedding?

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Photo: Mezcalent

Given the growing attention and questions from followers, Chiquis Rivera decided not to address the situation through her social media.

In a series of stories and publications, the singer shared a message showing the flowers she received on Valentine’s Day.

In addition, she shared another of the gifts that Emilio gave her and one of them is the viral thermos Stanley that caused a sensation on social media.

On the other hand, Internet users did not fail to mention the possibilities of a pregnancy in a short time and that it could cause a sensation.

Baby on the way?

Chiquis, Juan Rivera, Rosie Rivera, stage, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

Media attention intensified after rumors came to light about the pregnancy that Chiquis could be expecting.

«Are you pregnant? I pray that she is», «And they lived happily ever after!», «And Johnny already said it that this year she will get pregnant,» they declared on social media.

«I just love seeing your smile. God bless your life with love forever,» «How beautiful!» wrote the couple’s fans.

At the moment, the singer did not give more details about the events and continues to share stories about her day on Instagram.

A challenge for Chiquis?

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Photo: Mezcalent

In conclusion, the recent photos shared by Chiquis Rivera have unleashed intense media attention and speculation on social media.

This situation ended up generating a debate about the privacy of the artists and their relationship with their followers. TO SEE PHOTOS CLICK HERE.

While some celebrate the possibility of a secret wedding, others urge respect for the privacy of the singer.

The situation highlights the challenges faced by media personalities in the digital age and raises questions about the delicate dance between public exposure and the preservation of privacy.

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