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Chiquis Rivera lets everyone see her underwear (VIDEO)

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  • Chiquis Rivera turns social networks on fire by showing her panties
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter showed her underwear
  • “Poor girl she doesn’t know what else to do to be accepted”

Chiquis Rivera panties. Most know the kind of extravagant life that singer Chiquis Rivera leads, where she always uses any opportunity to start a controversy in every situation in which she is involved and this time was no exception… Jenni Rivera’s daughter is in everyone’s mouth after what she showed in a video.

After the separation from her still husband Lorenzo Méndez, the singer has been loose on social media with posts where she is seen almost naked, or wearing tiny outfits that leave nothing to the imagination.

Chiquis Rivera is cheeky

daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata panties
PHOTO Instagram

This time on an Instagram account called Among Famous Official, a recording of Jenni Rivera’s first-born daughter has been shared, which has generated controversy since she blatantly decided to show her underwear in full video.

It should be remembered that the artist was born on June 26, 1985 in Long Beach, California, into a musical family. His mother was Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in 2012, and his father is Trino Marín, who is currently serving a 31-year sentence for sexual abuse of his own daughters Chiquis and Jacqie and his ex-sister-in-law Rosie Rivera, Jenni’s younger sister.

Jenni’s daughter shows her panties

daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata panties 2
PHOTO Instagram

In the recording that only lasts a few seconds, Chiquis is seen wearing a purple robe and to the surprise of many, the singer opened her outfit to show her belly and figure to please her fans.

But what was most striking is that when the robe was opened, Chiquis also showed her underwear, so the musical artist could be seen wearing a pink lace panties, which caused the lust of the followers, who immediately decided to become present in the comments.

Chiquis’s new stage

daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata panties 3
PHOTO Instagram

Without a doubt this seems to be the new facet of Lorenzo Méndez’s ex on Instagram, where she looks more cheerful, daring, sensual and fashionista. Chiquis has appeared not only in underwear, but also in swimsuits and even daring bikinis. We have even seen her naked, circumventing the censorship of the social network.

Also in his profile of the social network he has taken the opportunity to show off his beauty and please his followers. Sometimes she shows off her figure with many of the outfits that make her look the best, since lately she has been dedicated to achieving a fitness body with a hard training. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata calzón.

Chiquis Rivera bata panties: Reaction of Internet users

daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata panties 4
PHOTO Instagram

After seeing Chiquis’s underwear that she proudly showed off, several Internet users were present in the comments of the publication to be able to leave their messages, where there was a division of opinions. Since there were criticisms and compliments for the singer: “Anyway it looks like a drunken tamale.”

“This Peggy even has tires on her trunk”, “the photos from that angle are very flattering”, “poor girl you don’t have to do to be accepted”, “excellent, I congratulate you, success”, “how vulgar that”, “Very rich, beautiful my love, I love to see you so beautiful, rich, rich”, “Now take off your robe Chiquis please” were some comments. Filed Under: daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata calzón.

Lorenzo Méndez’s ex in black lace panties

PHOTO Instagram

It is not the first time that Chiquis shows her panties, since the singer has shown the sexy part that she had inside, constantly turning on social networks, it was even mentioned that she was only showing Lorenzo what she was he was losing to provoke it.

On one occasion, Jenni Rivera’s daughter posed for the camera leaning on the bed, while showing off her rear, wearing a black lace cheek panties that shocked her fans, sending her criticism and compliments in a division of opinions. Filed Under: daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata calzón.

Chiquis Rivera bata panties: The beauty of Chiquis

PHOTO Instagram

Whether in a bikini, in underwear, in a thong and even naked, the musical artist has appeared in some of the photographs that she uploads on her social network, to captivate and receive praise from the followers who are always there to leave their reactions on how she can shine on every occasion Chiquis.

In one of her latest posts, the artist shared a video on the social network where she is sitting with her back to the camera, wearing a tiny white bikini in the shape of a thong. Chiquis did not mind showing her cellulite to the followers, who were amazed by the incredible figure she boasted. Filed Under: daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata calzón.

The voluptuous body of the singer

PHOTO Instagram

In different publications, the musical artist has shown that she has a large number of followers and lovers who, according to her comments, would do anything to meet her; Below are some messages that Internet users make on their Instagram.

Your No. # 1 fan 72 years old, but with good taste, continues to triumph that you have a lot ahead of you ”,“ little girl you have tremendous ass… mija. ”,“ Very good ”,“ you are a beautiful sexy cake ”, these were some of the compliments he received in a published image showing his rear. Filed Under: daughter Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera bata calzón.

Chiquis Rivera bata panties: Loved and hated

PHOTO Instagram

There is no doubt that the musical artist is one of the most loved and hated celebrities in show business, since although she is a person who likes to party and has been involved in controversy, either with her family or In his personal life, he has also shown that he has feelings.

Chiquis Rivera bata calzón: Working to have a fitness body

PHOTO Instagram

After the criticism received for the photo where she is seen a little weight gain, Chiquis Rivera decided not to bear any more negative comments and has dedicated herself to training hard, to be able to silence hundreds of mouths of Internet users who attacked her very constantly on social networks .

Chiquis Rivera Bata Calzón: Enjoy the water, the sand and the sun

PHOTO Instagram

With great frequency, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has been seen vacationing on different beaches in Mexico, where she has repeatedly said that she enjoys enjoying the waters, sands and the sun while watching the immense sea, all this while tanning using sexy and daring bikinis.

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